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  1. Your Favorite Music Genres

    I listen to just about everything. I come from a rock background; mostly 90s grunge/metal like Alice in Chains, Tool and Nirvana. Over the last 5 or 6 years I've opened myself up to all sorts of stuff like Dr. Dre, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Hiromi Uehara, Chick Corea and more. In the past couple of months I've MASSIVELY gotten into Earth Wind and Fire. As a guitarist I totally love Al McKay and Roland Bautista's playing style. I mean, just listen to this!
  2. Show us your lack of tans.

    had this photo taken a couple of days ago. Had a shave so I look a babyface.
  3. Sonic Time Twisted - Demo Updated

    this is a demo, after all!
  4. Sonic Boom Video Game (Wii U/3DS)

    please tell me those are placeholder graphics for the game. Looks like Sonic Heroes 2.
  5. Musical Similarities

    Absolutely not, but it's been pointed out quite a few times!
  6. Musical Similarities

    http://youtu.be/XkohiUCX0ow http://youtu.be/-XrDr-CPHZI apparently.
  7. Sonic ATS - Released

    People will figure it out, I wouldn't worry
  8. Sonic ATS - Released

    Soundtrack is finished guyz.
  9. Post your screenshots thread

    Sonic the Mullethog
  10. Sonic ATS - Released

    For nitty gritty info on what's happening, Funk Fiction and I have been working closely on CCZ2 with lots of things being sent back and forth. Timezone differences between us haven't really helped but we're getting there. I'm sending my guitar tracks to him tomorrow morning and after that we're on the home straight.
  11. Sonic Zero Assets

    lol I did the checkpoint posts.
  12. I liked AoStH best because it was just goofy, never got too serious and was pretty fun to watch. Also, Long John Baldry. I watched SatAM whenever it was on TV but it always seemed too serious and I couldn't get into it. Sonic is meant to be bright and colourful, not set after the Skynet disaster.
  13. Jijitsu no Kaze

    nope, I'm a painter and my art style tends to be quite loose and colourful (think Paul Cezanne/Lucien Freud) but I have a basic understanding of the human form by referencing photos and live models. I never said "everything is wrong", I said you could improve on just about everything, which I still stand by. Style really doesn't come into it at this point, your artwork suggests that you have a limited understanding of anatomy. I could tell that no matter what art style you have; and by using "style" as an excuse to not improve your understanding of form, you're doing yourself a disservice. At this early stage the hair DOES need to be firmly rooted in reality. You're drawing humans so their hair should grow like a human's hair. Your biggest problem is you THINK you know what a human looks like but you're not LOOKING and SEEING the human form. Final protip: DO NOT REFERENCE ANIME/MANGA/COMICS/OTHER NON-SCIENTIFIC DRAWINGS if you want to improve.