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  1. Post your screenshots thread

    @TheDevilsHitman: Looking good.
  2. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOD. Seriously, this game will be pretty good (if these rumors are true.)! Well, I think my phone is powerful enough to be able to run this game so this is great. I feel like it will be something like Sonic 4 with unleashed gameplay but who cares? We will get a cool Sonic game!
  3. Am I the only person excited for this?
  4. Sonamy

    My reaction to this topic.
  5. Same thing happened. Well, I liked the level design more but slopes are still really buggy.
  6. Sonamy

    Mah awesom MS Paint skillz Seriously, this topic is hilarious.
  7. Sonamy

    guys please help me to make capamy real or maybe sontoadette or knuxmario
  8. Sonic MAX - Open-Source GMS Engine

    WOW, you added Knuckles as CPU! That was just I was trying to do. Anyways, I'll use it when it's finished.
  9. Post your screenshots thread

    It looks awesome.
  10. Recommended Gems

    I have some gems too. WARNING HUGE POST
  11. Sonamy

    Nope. It's her baby. CAPTAIN, YOU'RE A DAD!
  12. Sonamy

  13. Sonamy