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  1. Downloading a File

    Honestly i never noticed that option xD Thanks!
  2. Downloading a File

    Got it. I didn't want to start a new thread so I will ask another question here. How could a have an mp3 globally play across frames? ModFX causes my application to hang on exit.
  3. Downloading a File

    Just what i need except its link is not working for me >.< Ah! I found it! It doesn't seem to be doing much however... could someone give me a primer? http://amnesiasoft.sitesled.com/SSDL.cox
  4. Downloading a File

    I am using 1.5. I saw the FTP object but I was confused as to how to use it nor was I sure that it was doing anything when I was trying it out.
  5. Downloading a File

    If i were to have an *.ini file containing configurations on a webserver, how would i go about accessing it or downloading it from my game? Thanks
  6. Advanced saving and loading in Game Maker?

    Oh oops XD I completely missed the fact that he said GM my mistake! =P
  7. Advanced saving and loading in Game Maker?

    Use arrays: http://sfghq.emulationzone.org/view_info.php?sec=4&id=136
  8. Youtube Video Embedding.

    i dunno maybe you can convert the .flv file to a more usable format.
  9. Animals with food (plus one that isn't!)

    gotta love the kitty
  10. Sonic "Horizon"

    with his sprite, yes. and its awkward how he "dies" he should die when he reaches the bottom of the screen, not if he misses a platform.
  11. Sonic "Horizon"

    sonic should arch forward when he runs.
  12. Sonic "Horizon"

    It may just be me, but I think it would be better if sonic moved his head a bit from side to side instead of it not moving at all...
  13. Sonic "Horizon"

    Edit: Nevermind. Already posted.
  14. Sonic "Horizon"

    BIG IMPROVEMENT. Period. Was it made from scratch?
  15. Parallax Engine for MMF

    *Dies* If it from Dami, it must be good! XD