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  1. Hi there this is a measurement guide to make Sonic Genesis tiles style in the proper way Here are a list of key color guide to help you understand and yes I will update with more stuff with it (which will include custom made slopes, measurements, ect) The bottom is a example using Taxman's Desert Dazzle tiles. Everything is in 128x128 in pixel size All tile patterns must be in 32x32 or 64x64, depends how well you made your pattern to connect properly. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me : )
  2. I'll make a few new topics tomorrow, just haven't done it yet cause of overtime from work -.- 

  3. You forgot to mentioned that I'm part of your team ; ) And yes people, I am helping my deat friend here on her tiles and stuff (mostly the environmental stuff). I would show it off but that's not my decision to make (it would blow your mind on what I did to it, like a lost official zone from CD or Knuckles Chaotix) But yeah, she need help please.
  4. Post your DevArt

    http://darkvampiredee.deviantart.com/gallery/ Here's mine, if you're wondering what's up with the watermark, some incident happened weeks ago and I'm tired of people not respecting me and my sprites.
  5. I've been meaning to point this out but I think someone messed up on the rings color and it's been bothering me for quite some time now. The top black box with the ring is from your demo while the bottom black box with the ring is the correct original version by Sega. See the difference anyone?
  6. A new mock up for our fan game and this is the final remake of our winter zone, "Glacial Glide" !!! Background totally remade, tiles updated, colors update, etc.
  7. I was wondering what happen to this page, last time I've check, it was gone... Anyway, this zone look really great! A wondeful tribute to Marbel zone and I'm happy to see updates on this game
  8. Your favorite sonic level of all time!

    My favorite sonic level is Desert Palace from Sonic 3. When I first play that two player zone, I wished that it was a real single zone for Sonic 3 instead of competition only, the music and atmosphere were perfect!
  9. Anyone have this splash screen?

    WOW! I like the logo in it's glories pixel graphics! Very nice job Overbound and Derzocker
  10. New Sonic United Banner

    I like the updates, it's more clean but I'm sticking to the night theme (it make things easy for me to read).
  11. A new mock up of Scorching Sand (act 2) The new update on this zone is mainly the colors which was help by my dear friend Sapristi45 from DeviantART. I'm really grateful by her help with the colors and she's really good with the colors (she's also my personal assistant which I'm also grateful with). A while back, she made me a really good piece of background for my Prism Palace but since my game is cancel, it's a shame to let it go to waste but I've decided to use it for a winter theme zone later for this game (she will be credit on it that for sure). Plus she's part of our team here now (I'm really happy that she joined us). Well that's all the updates from my end. Feel free to ask us anything (don't get carry away) regarding to our project. We all really appreciate feedbacks please. Thank you and have a great holiday everyone
  12. Post your screenshots thread

    I'm really impress with the effort you put recreating FNAF. This is so awesome! I can't wait to see more of it.
  13. Sonic Mega Drive SAGE demo download

    Thank you for clearing them and I'm happy to contribute anyway I could. And yes they will be exclusive for you.
  14. Sonic Mega Drive SAGE demo download

    Hi there. I notice that you merge a few (or more) sprites together from what I've saw with the recent two image you posted. I have some good ruin theme sprites that I've thought you need (and yes they're from a game, a really good game that is). So what do you say? Well this was ment to be send as a private message but when I send it, a red notification said that you cannot received anymore new message...inbox full?