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  1. Swap to CF 2.5: worth it or not?

    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is a vast improvement over MMF2, I'd say swap. The Steam version has a benefit of workshop support and using Steamworks DRM rather than Clickteam's, but that's about it. Either version is pretty good. I dunno. Themeing is really good for those programmers who don't want their eyes strained working late at night and prefer using a dark theme.
  2. Introduce Yourself

    My name is Daniel Hernandez. I used to go by DNL (I still do at points), but usually I just prefer being called by my first name. I joined the original SFGHQ forums way back in 2007, when Sonic Worlds was still in its infancy, Multimedia Fusion 2 was sort of new, and I was about 10-11. I often bumped topics that I lurked through late at night because I was a sort of nocturnal kid, and would often get in trouble with certain admins. Of course, I stopped that silliness, and lurked through several topics, inspired to make my first fangame. After several failed attempts, some with some decent ideas I'll admit, I kind of thought in the end fangaming wasn't for me. But I do want to say fangaming has done a lot for me of the ins-and-outs of programs such as Clickteam Fusion, what goes in making level design for certain games, and of course, somewhat inspiring me to chase my own ideas. Fangaming isn't the best way to get into the game industry, but it sure is a great way to get yourself off the ground into making games. Looks like I've introduced myself 6-7 years too late.
  3. I would have to agree with what Jassbec said. Even though I never really made anything, I found working with fangames and engines like Sonic Worlds to be a learning experience, mostly with the program Clickteam Fusion. I've had many ideas to make an original game sometime soon, and I want to say working with fangames (albiet unfinished and unreleased projects that were borderline tech demos) has had a positive effect on me. Sorry if this sounds weirdly worded, I just woke up not too long ago.
  4. Freedom Planet -- Steam Release

    This game is really damn good, well worth the $15. Also can be quite hard too, nothing controller flinging though.
  5. Your Username's Origin?

    Originally way back in 2007 of these forums, I had the cheesiest name, Daniel5567 or some sort. It was my first name with random numbers added at the end for some oddball reason. I then went to Daniel55679 and then Daniel55679Games when I discovered that Multimedia Fusion 2 was a thing. In 2008, I was signing up for Xdrive (Dropbox wasn't known that much back then!), and then I didn't know what user name to pick. It then suggested "dnlhern", which is basically my first name without any vowels, and the first four letters of my last name. I thought it was absolutely brilliant at the time and I took it. Fast forward to today. While my username on the forum is just Daniel now (I prefer being called my actual name now rather than "DNL".), dnlhern still stuck with me, as I use it on Gmail, Tumblr (I'm at a different URL right now, might use dnlhern for a personal blog), Twitter, and a few others. I'm too attached to dnlhern to ever give it up.
  6. That's a really big bump you did there, friend. I'd advise resurrecting very old topics before posting in one. This thread is from 2007!
  7. I re-arranged my Dropbox so my link in the previous post died, so here's an updated link to the original archive.
  8. [MMF2] How to center window

    Thanks! It works like a charm. Someone off the Clickteam forums suggested the same exact method. Thank you so much.
  9. Hey all. I've been using MMF2 and I'm wondering if there is a way to center the window on the player's desktop after being resized, as resizing it leaves the window a bit to the lower right. Is there a way to auto center the window? Thanks!
  10. 59 FPS in Chrome 26, 40 when there are a lot of enemies on screen. It's a really good idea! I love the art style too!
  11. Next Gen Consoles

    I really don't have much of an opinion on the PS4 except that it looks really darn neat, and I kind of found it jarring that I just got a PS3 too. Then again that's kind of on me :V To be honest I am actually looking forward to Watch Dogs, it looked really damn cool.
  12. Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath

    Hey, if you don't mind, I'll mirror this on my Dropbox for ya, just in case you need another mirror down the line. I'll give my thoughts after I play.
  13. Freedom Planet (v. 1.4)

    Congrats on reaching your goal so damn quickly Strife. I hope Freedom Planet has an awesome future ahead of itself, and gets accepted on Steam as well. When it is greenlit, oh hell I'm giving you my moneys asap. Congrats Strife. You deserve the success.
  14. Freedom Planet (v. 1.4)

    Hey Strife, question, for the full game, are you going to make some sort of online updater for FP, or are you just going to redirect people to new builds? Just curious, I don't mean to bash your game, the game is really good, it plays really good, and it's really polished as well.
  15. Okay, sometimes I play old Sonic fangames when I am bored. I stumbled upon an old demo for Sonic SV2 and what not, but something just struck me about it. Anyone know what this song is? I've been wondering where it was from since 2009. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, if it is.