sonicdrive [Fangame] Sonic Drive (Needing Level Designers)

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Hello there! If you clicked on this, then you are most likely interested in what i mean. Well, before i try anything, i'll post some screenshots of the game to give you a good idea of what this fangame is supposed to be. Main screenshots:


AuvzOYX.pngThis is my game's team (atleast a subsidiary of it) 

vwouQXK.pngThe Titlescreen. (Not final)

SS6p2SG.pngMenu (also not final)

Level Screenshots:



*praying the spoilers thing doesn't get screwed*

Team Members: 

Leader: TheGoku7729

Spriters: Cyrus, Dolphman, Glitchythehedgehog91, ThomasandSonic1991

Level Designer: xalia, Glitchythehedgehog91

Musician: xalia

Programmers: SonicHex

Concept Artist: Flare

Beta Testers: Alexander Gantt and DanielMania123.

About the sprites:

Yes, those are Sonic Overdrive's sprites, Shiro/Violet/F4LK/DarkChaoX100 released them on the Flicky Engine server and let anyone use them, so i used them, i guess...


Alright, so if you're interested, join my discord server pls:

This thread will be updated once i get more level designers. (PS, if you are a programmer that uses GM8 and/or a musician, we need those too so pls come in)

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