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Sonic Planet

Sonic Planet is a small, Sonic CD inspired fangame.
It is supposed to work as a sequel for Sonic CD, but feel free to put on the timeline wherever you please!
Dr. Robotkin has sent a group of advanced Badniks to capture Sonic's pal 'Tails'.
Once our hero confronts Robotnik, he tells Sonic that by trying to bring another planet to Mobius' atmosphere, the robots he had sent to the planet had malfunctioned and set the planet's course straight to Mobius. Robotnik then, while holding Tails hostage, tells to Sonic to go stop the planet from crashing into theirs.

If I was not clear enough on some parts, do ask me, I will be glad to elaborate!

DEM Gameplay

The gameplay is, in it's core, the same as the classic sonic games as accurate as Worlds Delta gets.
Sonic's abilities include the Spindash, Super Peel-Out and the Insta-Shield.

bUT WAIt THeRE's moRe

The timetravelling from Sonic CD returns to this game, but instead of having to pick up speed to travel, you simply need to go past them to travel you to another time period.
Fuckin' revolutionary, i know.


Now for the part I'm sure you're actually here for!
Let's show you some screenshots!

Title screen!

sonic planet.png
Also, if anyone could save my life and tell me what part isn't centered, that'd mean the world to me!

Sunshine Shore!


The "Green Hill Zone" of the game.
Not much to say here, it's pretty generic, but there are fountains that can be used as springs!


Here's a work in progress boss concept for the level.
(The grey blocks break when you run on them!)

and last but not least...
The Team

'Director', Programmer, Musician, Concept Artist

Co. 'Direcor', Secondary Programmer

Sprite Artist, Idea Polish Guy
seriously, i don't know what i'd do without him!

Sprite Artist

Sprite Artist, Level Design Helper

Sprite Artist

The Nightwriter


One more thing, if any composer would like to help with this game, that would save my life! I am not that great at writing Sonic music, so extra help in that department would mean the world to me!
That's all I have so far!
Feel free to leave criticism! Thanks!



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