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My YouTube Channel stuff (that is not nearly as organized as Neo Reviews or whatever.)

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I don't know if it's exactly the best idea but I figured to make a thread for my YouTube channel, which I have been posting stuff regularly on for about 9 years now.

I mostly made it to record ROMs and other weirdness, and since I wasn't initially planning on being some big-namer with a fanbase my content is kinda disorganized and unthemed outside the broad "retro gaming research" angle, but nevertheless there is some stuff of interest.

At the moment I don't have a proper "show" like Neo Reviews or anything, unless one counts my livestream sessions which are nevertheless still disorganized and don't match the quality of pre-prepared content.

But yeah, guess I'll link some of the stuff.

(NOTE: Sorry that there's a lotta links.)

This is the most popular upload I have. It is approaching 3 million views, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, because it's just a Sega Pico emulation log.

A few of the others that went viral. This Sentai game is a fighter on the Pico. Makes about as much sense as it sounds.

Most recently, I've been deciding to rip VHS tape oddities. This led to a recent viral upload; a rip of the Terebikko Mario anime that looks about as pristine as VHS can get.
This playlist also features a peculiar Bomberman OVA that ironically has very little to do with Bomberman.

One other thing I like doing? Archiving video from other sites that would be lost as those sites disappeared. This set of episodes of the Japanese Game Show "Super Mario Club" would be gone forever if I didn't the video from "Stage6" before it shut down.

(Volunteers to subtitle all my weird Japanese things, BTW, are welcome.)

I've been recording games for Sega Toys' "Advanced Pico Beena" lately. This playlist starts with a Mushiking one that is easily the most popular of the bunch.

Other things include Sega Channel and Satellaview archival and livestream highlights. I also attempted some other (probably badly done) things if you feel like digging deeper.

I seem to get mostly views from Japan, so I have attempted within my ability to pander to that. That's why I seem so weeb, haha.

Anyway, if anyone cares for anything here or would like to give critique (although do note that a lot of the content is years old at this point), feel free to do that here or in any of the YouTube vid comments.


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It's interesting to see your livestream highlights from 2014. They bring back memories.

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