Coots Photography - Jan 2018 Submissions.

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http://rabid-coot.deviantart.com/ A selection of wild and zoo animal photography. To kick of the revived topic some highlights of 2017,

lemme_lick_by_rabid_coot-dbg7nxk.jpghttp://fav.me/dbg7nxk  Habitat renovations brought the Africa Alive giraffes closer and clearer than ever.

dont_by_rabid_coot-dbn4se5.jpg http://fav.me/dbn4se5 Resizing managed to salvage a split second moment.

snap_by_rabid_coot-dbnfb4u.jpg http://fav.me/dbnfb4u Lemurs did their best to recreate the greatest ever super hero movie moment.

of_mice_and_mon_by_rabid_coot-dbouqmo.jp http://fav.me/dbouqmo Mongooses got a mouth full of mouse.

black_swan_by_rabid_coot-dbq2pm7.jpg  http://fav.me/dbq2pm7The black swans of Dawlish had some cygnets.

capyspara_by_rabid_coot-dbqded1.jpg http://fav.me/dbqded1 Capybara finally lived up to their water loving reputation.

f_by_rabid_coot-dbr3lhp.jpg http://fav.me/dbr3lhp Had a wonderful 10 minutes with a wild fox.

hey_is_that_a_food_bowl_by_rabid_coot-db http://fav.me/dbrip0j One of the parks turaco ventured out of the tree.

guardian_by_rabid_coot-dbsyvps.jpghttp://fav.me/dbsyvps Some barnacle geese stayed in the country to breed again.

jesus_by_rabid_coot-dbxx8fd.jpg http://fav.me/dbxx8fd The lake froze at the park leaving many birds walking on water.

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On 28/01/2018 at 1:44 AM, GSF said:



Nice shots. Love some flora and fauna.

Thanks that really was a good day for jesus tribute acts.


January 2018 Submissions.

unnamed_person_by_rabid_coot-dbylh4j.jpghttp://fav.me/dbylh4j Facial recognition sometimes picks up some interesting results.

addax_by_rabid_coot-dbyxzwv.jpghttp://fav.me/dbyxzwv  The Addax a rare antelope.

emerald_head_by_rabid_coot-dbzdzg6.jpghttp://fav.me/dbzdzg6  Mallard stood where it should be swimming.

treetah_by_rabid_coot-dbzozgb.jpghttp://fav.me/dbzozgb Cheetah in a tree

stork_by_rabid_coot-dc04l60.jpghttp://fav.me/dc04l60  Stork on a break from delivering babies.

a_handful_of_tail__by_rabid_coot-dc0fe96http://fav.me/dc0fe96  Squirrel monkey gets hands on with itself.

biter_by_rabid_coot-dc0v29c.jpghttp://fav.me/dc0v29c Snow goose, bit me and I deserved it.

grooming_by_rabid_coot-dc15o64.jpg http://fav.me/dc15o64 Fox gives itself some TLC

egret_by_rabid_coot-dc1kt99.jpg http://fav.me/dc1kt99 A more normal look at a Little Egret.

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