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Roblet Land is a virtual pet simulator and platformer hybrid, that I'm making. Though, overall it won't be too focused on platforming. 

Its main inspiration is the Chao Gardens from the Sonic Adventure/Advance games. As you can see, Technic (from my previous project) is also in it, and other characters may be added later too.

Pretty much, I've decided to put my other projects on hold to make this my focus. When I do go back to Superstar Technic, it will likely be when this game is complete, and I'll likely give it a new art style to differentiate. 

Roblet Land is still very incomplete, but I figured I'd make this topic, as there is still a bit I can show off and I have been making a lot of progress on it.

I plan to make this game different from the Chao Gardens as well, and it already sort of is in some ways. For now, I've just been trying to make as much progress as possible.

Unlike the Sonic games, there will be no stages in this game, which means I'll need a different way to level-up Roblets. The food already increases their stats, however, and I plan to add mini-games for both playable characters and Roblets alike.

The Game's Plot (subject to change):

Across multiple dimensions, portals have been discovered, which all lead to a mysterious land unlike no other. No humans or animals live there. On planet Automatopia, the company Electriware, famous for their household robotic pets known as Roblets, decides to build a petting zoo in the mysterious dimension. Naturally, they name it Roblet Land. The company holds a robot building contest, stating that the 4 winners can access the park early, for the price of having to help prepare it for opening. Technic, Rop, Rachael, and Chromer are declared the winners of this contest. They then travel to Roblet Land to help prepare for the park’s launch.

Support the Patreon here:









You can visit these links to keep up with the game's progress:


Feedback is welcome!


Top-Down Depth Engine: MashArcade

Programming/Art/Sound Effects: Kye Beaudoin (Starturbo)

Composer: DeltaHedron

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Revamped the stats a bit! Could make more adjustments, but I feel this looks pretty good.


Also working on adding splash screens! Trying to reach out to YoYo Games to ensure this is proper usage of their branding. If not, I may remove the GMS screen.

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