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Sonic Worlds Delta 1.5.2, Final Release.

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Hey all. It's your neighborhood accuracy-freak, Poe. This is the "release" thread for the latest edition of Sonic Worlds, version 1.5.2. This version is affectionately known as, "The Accuracy Update", because a lot of work has been put in to make it feel much more like the original Genesis/Mega Drive titles. Most of this accuracy work has been done by myself, as well as Ikey Ilex. Ikey Ilex has done an awesome job of refining these improvements, and making them much more efficient. If you're knee deep in your fan-game development using worlds, now is the time to port and upgrade to this version.

Download it now! [29.9MB][7z]

Some other noticeable additions include Shadow the Hedghog, sporting a shiny Modern-Sonic Moveset. Shadow was originally implement by me, however he was greatly improved and refined by BlazeHedgehog. Be sure to thank him for that extra polish! When Shadow was implemented, I just wanted this version of worlds out of the door, so the quality wasn't exactly great. Massive thanks to him. Shadow's homing attack code was made by the one-and-only Damizean. Another notable contributor is Mr Lange, who made huge audio improvements, added true 3-button support, and greatly improved the Badnik code. Major thanks to him for these much-needed improvements!

The last thing to mention is the new Debug mode. This was the last feature I added. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I added towards the end of my time with Sonic Worlds was hastily implemented, because I was ready to be done with and move on from MMF2. Unfortunately, debug mode is one of the things that suffered from my haste. Object placement exists, but it is messy and incomplete. However, the meat and potatoes of the debug mode is the value list. When debug mode is enabled, you can see just about every important value on screen at once. This includes your inputs, and the player's speed values. I hope you find this useful, as I sure did.

With that, it's time to bid Sonic Worlds as you know it in Fusion farewell, as this is its final release. It's come a ridiculously long way over the years, with a plethora of contributors, and many memories made with new friends through its collaboration. I'm pretty damn happy I got to be a part of it.

Now, don't get sad and sentimental just yet. The Worlds "branding" will live on in the future...

Before you go, I highly recommend reading Techokami's post on Sonic Retro, as it goes into much more detail than I do here.

Give it a read, please!

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