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  1. i think that some people are EAAAAVESDROPPING

  2. Post your screenshots thread

    im bored, who wants another gif
  3. Post your screenshots thread

    this will literally be the last image i post here.
  4. Sonic Speed Fighters 2

    It wasn't a joke, I get alot of people from my videos asking me to make... stuff I wont make. Well you did notice nazo actually is in the game right?
  5. Sonic Speed Fighters 2

    Well the full thing won't be coming for a very long time, so remember to keep up with anything I put on youtube.
  6. what i liked about my favorite sonic games, is that they brought something original for ex Sonic R, actual racing as sonic on foot Sonic Battle, one word: Emerl SA2B:shits amazing i don't know where to start, the thing is about this there were many playable characters. actually i noticed in all of these games, there were ALOT of playable characters now its just boost boost, bla bla same level, really boring confusing boss 06 gameplay meh.
  7. i just wish the sonic boom tv show came earlier. why wait like 10 years to create a new sonic tv show?
  8. Support factor s sonic and silver

    i just said how to play as scourge in the 2013 build of The S factor. you go to options, change the theme to "Double" then go back to the Title screen, activate the level select code, then go to the level select menu select a level and you WILL be scourge.
  9. Support factor s sonic and silver

    nah btw the way to play as him without savestate go to options screen, select Scourge's "double" theme, then press start to get back to title screen, then activate level select (the up,down,left,right thing while press start is flashing), then you press A+start and the "start game" selection then at the weird looking level select screen after you pick a level you will be scourge. now you may know there are other themes aswell, Feline,Flying,Speedy,hunter, and weapon obviously, thats Blaze,Tails,Sonic,knuckles and... idk shadow? for some odd reason if you try this with the others, only one will work is blaze's but she's not that much playable, if you do it you'll see why.
  10. Support factor s sonic and silver

    aquaslash shouldn't have disabled scourge to begin with.
  11. Things that were wrong with sonic 06

    i guess i'm the only one who didn't care about that scene huh
  12. Why do people hate silver?!

    whawhawha what???? no... i really do like silver mostly becuz of its no use also btw, is there a full sheet of sprites used in the gif of silver you keep posting? if there is i'd really like to know........
  13. Post your screenshots thread

    now that you think about it, tails is basically from megaman
  14. Sonic Speed Fighters 2

    this is what makes you lazy dude seriously also no where you were "defending my stubbornness" if this is what you call criticism, your going at it wrong.