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  1. Nintendo Switch Discussion

    I'd say wait for the (inevitable) New! Switch XL VR 3D edition with extra memory and better battery. (We all know it's coming. lol)
  2. Yes, I know what you're (probably) thinking: AGAIN? It's been a long road... Back on the first attempts we had some glaring issues that were easily noticed (such as accounts without email addresses causing some weird behavior) but on the subsequent 'shots' the issues were getting smaller, quirkier and harder to discover. The latest one in particular wasn't about the forums frontend or anything on the 'member/user' side, but it was something more from 'behind the scenes'. The forums seemed to work fine (at least to us) but the backend wasn't exactly working as intended. Props to Stritix for finding the cause behind the weird problems we had. So... yeah. You already know the gist - If you had vB-era (late '06 ~ '11) account on SFGHQ you can log back in with your old credentials (if you remember them - or you can use the pass reset function). If you had a 'SFGHQnited' era account ('13-'14) the same applies - account should still work. If you made a new account during the 'weird issues' period (Sept~up until now) then it's gone so just make a new one. NOTE: Regardless of your account's age, I recommend changing passwords so that it updates to the newest hash corresponding to the newer forum software.
  3. Anyone have this splash screen?

    @Lake: We need to expose it a bit more so that devs can see it. It's pretty damn neat. Once the resources page is working, we can put the splash in there.
  4. Sonamy

    Damn, Pedro. Been a while since I laugh this much.
  5. Sonamy

    I agree, Mors. It's been a while since we've had one of these insane but awesome threads.
  6. Great, now they're going to make a decision making game about... Minecraft of all things? Seriously...?
  7. Rejected Sonic Characters

    Okay, that skeletal oni sounds badass. Too bad Genocide City was scrapped. I knew about most of these, although I didn't know about Madonna until I read about it in the Sega Collected Works book go buy it already it's awesome The image in the book is the exact same one as in the OP.
  8. Construct 2 Sonic Engine?

    He does, actually. It's been a while since I see any activity from him, though.
  9. Oh, it's been a while since I see a zone that implements the S3&K graphic variation between acts. Looks neat.
  10. Wrong. No Worlds extensions are Developer exclusive. The amount of Dev only extensions is small, and CT has been making a few of them become Standard ones, such as YASO object. As for the error, try making a new application - drop all the extensions you use in your game in a frame and run it - see if it crashes. If it doesn't, check your game and see if there are invalid events in any extensions you use (use the event list editor and search for empty bullet points. It'd look sorta like this:) (condition 1) (condition 2)
  11. Sonamy

    As long as you didn't make it. lol You know, these portmanteau ship names tick me off. They sound so weird...
  12. Sonamy

    That chart is something you just found, right Lange? This thread is quiiiite weird. Carry on.
  13. I see no evidence of a deleted post in the thread, Felik (usually, we can see a red shaded block indicating that a post was there). Only explanation is that it got pruned... I'll look into it.
  14. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    Adding up a bit: BlueHero, check out these two threads for some guidelines: Your screenshot isn't enough original material because, as you said yourself, it's basically Emerald Hill. Feel free to make a new thread when you have more substantial material to show. Also, something strikes me as odd: Your thread says Sonic Overdrive, but I see your post says Sonic Overture. When you make your new thread, make sure to put in the right name (a Sonic Overture project already exists.)
  15. Post your screenshots thread

    Looks better. What happened with the star outlines, though? They look fine on the previous shots, but now they look squished.