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  1. What is your favorite zone gimmick?

    I personally really dont like the cannons in Oil Ocean. They dont make you feel fast and are just a bad excuse to literally shoot you around the zone in an unsatisfying way.
  2. What is your favorite zone gimmick?

    Yeah I can relate with your opinion. The fact that you can basically feel like a pinball in Casino Night was a really nice addition to the zone.
  3. Every zone in the Sonic series has had some sort of gimmick to them to seperate itself from all the other zones this series hosts. There are such zone gimmicks like Marble Zone's pushable blocks and the casino levels' flippers and bumpers. And lets not forget the horrors that are not Carnival Night Zone's barrels. So what are you favorite zone gimmicks you came across? Which one do you think is the most fun or clever?
  4. Sonic Frost [Fangame]

    Im this Glitch guy TheGoku here is talking about. Ever since we got the name Sonic Frost, there has been lots of hard development with this, so it would be very appreciated if you try it out or at least keep an eye on it.