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  1. Honestly, this may not count as a game but I bought RPG Maker VX Ace last month. Thanks to Overseas, I haven't touched it much but I'm looking forward to making art to import into the system. I just wish it was a little...I wish it had more freedom in regarding that. What about you guys? Have you bought anything recently? Also, for those that are leery with buying games online (you know you're out there...), also explain how you bought the games and what is the best way to buy a game? =D
  2. Why and how did we start making fangames?

    I discovered hacks and fan games after seeing Razor and Zenon's channel a thousand times on "recommended for you" on YouTube. I started out with practicing hacking but learned it required a slight knowledge of algorithms and variables and it lacked full palette freedom. After doing research and studying the differences between hacks and fan games, I pursued the latter and then it began from there. I've been deeply in love with the Sonic 3 journey since 5 years-old and I wanted to make a game like that with CD beauty. That's how I began developing Overseas. c:
  3. Finally found the name of my favorite, childhood, education TV show:

    "Beakman's World"!

    I must YouTube it!

  4. Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

    I'm more curious about the roster for future things if there will be any futures for Smash. Guess Taizo Hori from the Dig Dug games will be our next challenger.
  5. A demo will take a minute. Hmm...I really need a spriter and animator though for this guy: https://gyazo.com/9b4e36e8d1294d1f9546b1e044d652b5 This is just a concept of the character- his tailfeather color and patterns may change in the future. I'll see! =D
  6. I was trying to keep it secret at the time with the specifics but I mentioned a "dedicated artist"! ;w; But yeah, screw secrets! Hell, you can show off what you did so far! It may even convince a line-up. c:
  7. Mom's slowly finding out I'm romantigoth. She and I got into an argument about me wearing and ordering too much black, she says she doesn't want me "fucked up" like "those goths", and she says I keep blaming her for everything. Now, she's not talking to me, said she should have been a deadbeat like my father, and that I'm ungrateful toward her. I'm hurt. Bad.

    1. Kyoko Soryu

      Kyoko Soryu

      We're here for you.

  8. Hi, it's me again! Sonic Overseas, I have to admit, is a project that has codes and animations that are way over my head. Yeah, I'm good with sprites and things but not with animations and I'm better with small-scale sprites than big ones. Big ones, for example, big being like Kyodai Eggman Robo or that weird Metal Sonic at the ending of Knuckles' Chaotix. Let me explain: 1. I already have a dedicated artist helping me with some level art but I need someone who is exceptionally skilled with spriting large-scale characters. I have a character named Mylde in the game and his size rivals that weird Metal Sonic badnik I mentioned in the above explanation. Here's an image: I will release a full concept sheet of this fellow later on. Like, a professionally done one, so don't worry. I'll have him colored, too. 2. I also need coders. I won't get into the specifics. I need like, master coders. I'll just say I'm working with Sonic Worlds Delta. 3. I need a master animator that's comfortable with animating large-scale sprites. This is asking for a lot, I know. I wish I could offer payment but I'm extremely low in income. In fact, I'm about to schedule to meet with government assistance for a health care plan as I can't afford one and this part-time job that pays barely occupies one with their health insurance after a year and I got hired in June. So... I know those that help with Sonic Overseas will have their names in the credits and under "Special Thanks" as well. I'll think of something physical to offer once money juices up. :c
  9. Post your DevArt

    http://tiny-birds.deviantart.com/ Not much but it's okay, I guess.
  10. I'm back and I'm a happy pookie about it! <3

  11. Who's Your Favorite Artist?

    The bird is back! Whee! Alrighty, let's get down to business! I just want to start a little something on the forums and I want to know who your favorite artist is? I just hope no one started a thread like this one already. If they did, I sincerely apologize! D: But, I wish to share. My favorite artist is Yoko Honda. She is an artist that uses Memphis-Milano design as her style and she focuses on the 80s' touch of life. Memphis-Milano was originally a style for furniture and homes and I'll show you examples: I love this style because it brings me back to Classic Sonic and the style and wacky geometric shapes make me imagine how Mobius would look like if it existed. Especially on the Little Planet. It also rings a hint of nostalgia for me. If you want to view Yoko Honda's art, just click this link and view her awesome gallery! http://yokopium.wixsite.com/home/art I'll show some examples of her art here: