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  1. Post your screenshots thread

    Working in the final zone + the last 3 phases of the final boss + new Black Lucifer sprite + health bar for Carlos. All that for this demo of March or May.
  2. Carlos the Hedgehog: Episode 1

    As you may know, Carlos & Friends was officially canceled, for several reasons, the main one is the incongruity of the multiple stories, so, I decided to start with this new Fan-game, a precursor of Carlos & Friends, Carlos the Hedgehog, but this fan-game will be divided into episodes, as happened with Sonic 4. Carlos the Hedgehog is a fan-game that will be divided into several chapters, showing the initial history of the crossover, as follows and how the characters adapt to the world of Sonic to stop Dr Eggman's plans. The gameplay of Carlos was combined with that of New Super Mario Bros.Carlos can do the spin jump, the ground pound and even swim. Characters: Carlos the Hedgehog: He is a young adventurer who lives on Frozen Island with his sister. He had a past with Lucifer Maria the Hedgehog: Carlos's younger sister. He wants to be like his older brother, so he always tries to fend for himself, although he often ends up getting into trouble. Lucifer of Pride: Ex-girlfriend of Carlos. Although they had very happy moments together, after finishing for various reasons his relationship with him, something grew inside her, a strong grudge. Currently she wants to make Carlos suffer so that she feels what she has felt since they broke up. The game consists of 8 zones Frozen Island Zone Stakes Desert Zone Flowers Prairie Zone Rokken Beach Zone Witches Forest Zone Rocky Canyon Zone Bernkastel Sanctuary Zone Genocide Graveyard Zone Each level has 6 hidden rings, 5 red rings and a golden ring per level, when collecting the golden ring, it automatically unlocks a level that exceeds in difficulty, by collecting the red rings, you can unlock new things. The game has a few artworks and concepts (And believe it or not, also hentai artworks). Old Gameplay (with lag): Very old Gameplay + download link: