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  1. Batman: The Enemy Within

    I would recommend at least trying the first episode of the first season. Graphically, this one looks a little better but it's not a make it or break it situation. It's a very good story.
  2. Post your DevArt

    Gotta' protect your stuff. By that same token, love what I'm looking at so far! Awesome sprites and works!
  3. Double Dog Dash. - Coots Photography.

    These are great! Really love the angles and captures going on here!
  4. Batman: The Enemy Within I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the game and the story thus far. Out of respect for those who haven't played the game, I strongly suggest using spoiler tags.
  5. Sonic Mania.

    I'm really interested to see why the delay happened. I mean, I've stated multiple times they could delay the game and I wouldn't mind it because I know they are doing it right. But a delay this close to release might mean some code needs to be reviewed. Did the delay have an explanation sir?
  6. but the Rockman avatar is great! Also, glad to see another face returning!
  7. Sonic Mania.

    New intro, anime-ish, Awesome!
  8. Introduce Yourself

    Hello Xalia, Welcome (back)! Dead memes are fine, just leave your dignity at the door (j/k/jk). As a musician and budding composer, I would love to see/listen to some of your remixes if you wouldn't mind to share. I don't know too much about programming, so I won't have much to really converse with you on that front. I've seen Clickteam Fusion as an engine.
  9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

    I would enjoy a port with another character or characters. Give us something else to stretch the life of the game.
  10. Sonic Forces.

    Edgelord is edgy. I'm looking forward to this game to a point, I think the whole "original character" thing is mind blowing and crippling at the same time. Needless to say, I get a whole Steam Boat Willie vibe from Infinite's intro thing here. At least in that one part.
  11. Sonic Mania.

    I saw recently that the file size isn't going to be very large, which goes to show how well a company could truly handle a game like this and compress it just the right way. I know I'm going to get the Switch version, so I hope the eShop survives. remembers all the horrible things that have happened to the eShop over the years
  12. Sonic Mania.

    I'm personally still a little salty about not being able to go ahead and "preorder/download" this thing from the Nintendo eshop. However, that being said, I feel similar to how Kyoko has said. S3&K was just magical in the special zone aspect. That chillingly dry elevator music just made it more entrancing the more I played.