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  1. Post your screenshots thread

    Have been trying to add this
  2. Sonic Project Twisted

    SAGE Demo Is released early (due to stuff irl)
  3. Sonic Project Twisted

    For Now Local Play, until i find out how to make network play work Thanks
  4. Sonic Project Twisted

    Multiplayer Confirmed? Yes! (But i have no idea if im going to include it in the SAGE demo due to some things that i have to fix yet)
  5. The Collecters edition arrived today for me :D  


    Too bad i'll have to wait until mania for PC comes out. So i guess im gonna be playing Sonic 1 Again... :scool:

  6. Sonic Project Twisted

    boy howdy, here we go again Sonic Project Twisted is a fangame created by Team Twisted it doesnt really have a name yet, so for now its "Team Twisted" And is being worked on since October of 2016 The Story: The Story is Fairly basic this time around: Sonic,Tails & Knuckles were just hanging out in Green Hill Zone while the Evil Dr.Robotnik fired a cannon that can cause things to fuse with each other. So Robotnik used it to Fuse Westside Island & Angel Island and now Sonic and his crew has to stop Robotnik's evil schemes once again. Playable Charathers: Sonic - The Blue Blur Tails - The Two-Tailed Fox Knuckles - The Guardian of The Master Emerald Silver - Its no use! (Unlockable after beating the game, featuring his own story) Metal Sonic - Strange Isn't it?(Extra charather, Unlocked by beating all the missions) Credits: Sonic's Sprites - Everyone who worked on the Ultimate Sonic 3 Spritesheet Metal's Sprites - Darkon Silver's Sprites - HellJumper & Gardow Silver Sonic's Sprites - KeatonTheFox Music - Maxiedaman, Speed_Blitz69, TheLegendOfRenegade, Turret3471, DJ Bass Fox 28 & Karl Brueggemann Logmill Marshland & Hud Sprites - Danielmania123 The Team: Illias3000 - Leader SuperTails - Coder & Spriter also Co-Leader Ricky - Spriter Speed_Blitz69 - Musician Max (Fahyda) - Cutscene Animator Dolphman - Spriter TheGoku7729 - Spriter Website: Screenshots: Video's: SAGE 2017 Trailer 1: Download Links: SAGE 2017:
  7. Lost Game Maker Engine's topic

    Alright, go for it i guess
  8. Lost Game Maker Engine's topic

    Thanks you Two
  9. So i was digging through my old PC and found some Engine's i've download but didnt knew how to use it back then... so most are basically untouched Uploaded by Illias3000: Sonic Dash (The XMas Version): Sonic Dash+: REX Engine B1 Uploaded by Super Tails: Super Sonic SRU Tutorial GM Sonic Platform Engine Uploaded by TheGoku: Sonic Dash Engine: THERE IT IS ITS FINALLY HERE THE DASH ENGINE IS BACK BABY: but i was too lazy to make a test zone. Super Ring Engine V3.5: By Violet & MalcomX/Chasman86, it has better physics, Speed Boosters and more: Damizean's Examples: These are Damizean's Examples (Usefull for creating an Sonic Engine): Uploaded by Hex: Sonic Phore: this is Chaos Rush's Edit of the Dash Engine (Xmas version) Uploaded by Chaos Fusion: Sonic Revival v1: Chaos Rush Lets take a step back from the genesis revival engine or the SRU Revival and observe the original source code. Very basic so not recommended. Sonic Revival v3: Chaos Rush Never used this one much. Has a nasty bug that locks the controls. Never bothered to figure out why. Can't find v2 though I believe it's very similar to v3. More advanced than v1 obviously. So seems the original links work. Just getting to them is troublesome due to the yoyogames forum being replaced. Link: Sonic Revival Unleashed: v2 & 4: SPK The over used variant of v1. I'm guilty of using it myself. Admittedly, I used a decompiler to view the code of v2 for the sake of code comparison as the link was taken down. Mark my words I disposed of the program shortly after. Link: Sonical Engine: Criseg Found this one AGES ago before I even learnt of the Revival engine. Basically the Dash v1 with some additional features. Link: 3D X-Treme Sonic: Winged Wolf One of the earliest 3D sonic engines I know of. Pretty buggy and basic Link: Damizeans 3D Parallax Example: Damizean A very nice Water parallax effect that would be seen in Hydrocity or something. Link: Grid Spatial Indexing: Damizean A nice alternative to Deactivating objects. This DLL file basically helps with performance. Forgot what it does so check out the ingame readme to understand what it does. Link: GameMaker 5 stuff: Forgot where this appeared from. 2 of the 3 don't even have slope movement. Why post? Why the hell not? Achieving I suppose. Link: i'll update this post once i or someone else finds an engine that had its link removed