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  1. Sonic Mania.

    I'm hoping that Mania style replaces what was the handheld slot.
  2. Animaniacs Revived For 2 Seasons.

    I havn't seen it since the original broadcasts but if you already have Hulu its woth checking out. Some of the references will be dated but you may also get more of the jokes by being older.
  3. Sonic Forces.

    I can't understand how they included dresing up and didn't jump into doing loads of paid costume dlc.
  4. Helloooooooooooo nurse. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/animaniacs-revived-at-hulu-2-season-order-1071663
  5. Nintendo Switch Discussion

    There's apparently a direct coming this month with 18 placeholder games listed on amazon we'll probably have our first look at their 2018 plans soon.
  6. http://rabid-coot.deviantart.com/ A selection of wild and zoo animal photography. To kick of the revived topic some highlights of 2017, http://fav.me/dbg7nxk Habitat renovations brought the Africa Alive giraffes closer and clearer than ever. http://fav.me/dbn4se5 Resizing managed to salvage a split second moment. http://fav.me/dbnfb4u Lemurs did their best to recreate the greatest ever super hero movie moment. http://fav.me/dbouqmo Mongooses got a mouth full of mouse. http://fav.me/dbq2pm7The black swans of Dawlish had some cygnets. http://fav.me/dbqded1 Capybara finally lived up to their water loving reputation. http://fav.me/dbr3lhp Had a wonderful 10 minutes with a wild fox. http://fav.me/dbrip0j One of the parks turaco ventured out of the tree. http://fav.me/dbsyvps Some barnacle geese stayed in the country to breed again. http://fav.me/dbxx8fd The lake froze at the park leaving many birds walking on water.
  7. Post your DevArt

    http://rabid-coot.deviantart.com/ Animal photos.
  8. Sonic Forces.

    Create a monstrosity and save the world with the super power of friendship. Grab the Super Sonic DLC while it's free until the 23rd of January then the price will be $1.99 / €1.99 / £1.69. I know on PS4 you can grab DLC without owning the game, might work on other platforms too,
  9. Sonic Mania.

    A few months ago 2D Sonic returned for the dozenth plus time with a new twist, gameplay built to replicate the feel of the Mega Drive/Genesis classics. Released across PS4 XB1 and Switch with a PC version releasing a few weeks later the game features 12 Zones made of up heaviy remixed classic and brand new levels.