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  1. Sonic Forces General Discussion

    SPOILERS BELOW, NOT THAT YOU SHOULD CARE: Lord, the cutscenes. That was an incredibly bland and tonally inconsistent story, and Infinite is the most generic villain I could imagine. Oh boy, a low voice speaking about "fear" and "darkness". That's an interesting characterization if I ever saw one. Covering the six months over which Eggman takes over the world with nothing more than a quick couple captions? I mean why even bother starting pre-take-over if you're going to be that goddamn lazy with your story-telling and just brush over it with barely a thought? Wait, Sonic was tortured for SIX MONTHS?! Then why the fuck does he seem totally normal and happy when we see him in prison? Good thing it was all off screen so we can just ignore it as soon as we're done talking about it. He's right back to making bad one-liners after six straight months of unimaginable horror. The Phantom Ruby's powers and nature are ill-defined. It's almost as if they just needed an excuse to bring back old villains and that was the slapdash idea they settled on to justify it. And what the fuck was up with Tails? They turned him into a useless little Sonic-obsessed pussy. Is this just what Tails is now in the series? I mean Amy's actually focused on the mission, and Tails can't go five seconds without talking about Sonic. Have their roles been reversed? I swear to God he tries to kiss Classic Sonic at the end. GOD IT WAS ALL SO STUPID AND BLAND. Somebody write up a more detailed and coherent essay about what's wrong with it, because I was done with Forces before it even came out. This just clinches it. Just let Taxman and His Orchestra make more 2D goodness and forget the depressing farce that is 3D Sonic.
  2. Round three, here we go.