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  1. SAGExpo Livestream Logs

    brianuuSonic I wish I can play your game but I can't because where is a download link?
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Sonic Overture! This is a Genesis styled fan game that uses Sonic MAX by TruePowerofTeamwork. You play as either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles on a journey to stop Robotnik using the Boom Wave. The Boom Wave sends Sonic back to his bad times. Characters like Amy, Metal and Mighty are in this game. The story for this game is after the events of Generations and Rush Adventure where Sonic and friends find out that Robotnik will use the Boom Wave to send everyone to bad times. So its up to you! Oh, you travel through beta and unused stages of the Sonic games. So far I'm trying to do Leaf Storm Beta from Sonic Rush E3 sorry it looks like Emerald Hill This game also features CHAO! No Leaked Screenshot yet. Demo is aimed for SAGE 2015! COMING SOON! I wish I got some talented people to help out on this project!
  3. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    Screenshot is at the top. YES! YOU ARE GOING TO HELP OUT ON SONIC OVERDRIVE(overture 2)!
  4. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    I'm sorry Mr Lange about my last post, i was in a bad mood from school.
  5. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    IT IS!
  6. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    sorry i have trouble getting screenshots
  7. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    Screw it, its powered by SONIC MAX!
  8. Introducing Sonic Overdrive

    Also, I may need some advanced volunteers for.... -Level Design -Music -Coding Help -Sprite Art Please I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT!
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing Sonic Overdrive! A Genesis-styled game with a LOT of custom material! Play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles through a journey through beta stages and new ones to stop Robotnik using the Boom Wave! A wave that sends Sonic and friends into awful years of bad games! This game is powered by TruePowerofTeamwork's SONIC MAX. Remixed soundtracks from many different games. Also featuring a hub world and many more! No leaked screenshots yet til' SAGE 2015. I'm using: So Far:
  10. I am currently working with Game Maker 8 to create SONIC LANDS. Problem is... -I NEED ORIGINAL MUSIC -Help with pixel art -Level Design -Coding help However, I'm using the SUPER RING ENGINE by MalcomX DO DUH BEST U CAN sez: HELP BLUEHERO AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!