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  1. Sonic Project Twisted

    You may correct helljumper to helljumper and gardow?
  2. Post your screenshots thread

    Dash may be outdated, but it doesn't mean its bad Also this looks Gr8
  3. Lost Game Maker Engine's topic

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/0djyxxyyosz/ the link wasn't removed for this engine, but I admit it's hard to find on this forum, the stt engine has to wait a bit
  4. I Decided to go everywhere on the forums to find old engines

  5. Lost Game Maker Engine's topic

    I should probably upload the time twisted 2009/10 Sourcecode here because it was release on this site but the link is ded
  6. Post your screenshots thread

    Testing out rails, which won't be in this zone btw, they will be in two of the later zones
  7. Post your DevArt

    I just drop this https://sonichex.deviantart.com
  8. Lost Game Maker Engine's topic

    Have Chaos Rush's edit of the Xmas engine http://www.mediafire.com/file/nhh35bz3x22mxih/ called Sonic Phore
  9. RIP Archie Sonic Hello IDW Sonic.

    I'm glad there will be an new comic about Sonic, i'm excited!
  10. You know what I call bad or wet fanfiction? Fartfiction 

    1. Kyoko Soryu

      Kyoko Soryu

      If you keep getting your fanfiction wet, either don't print it in the first place or learn to keep your damn juice steady. 

    2. Hexagonal
  11. Post your screenshots thread

    This reminds me of my old disclaimer screen I once made but never used due to swearing and engrish
  12. Sonic: Classic Days

    Looks Better Than Ever!
  13. say, does anyone know how to asign damizean's alt. animation sys. for the xmas engine properly to the player object ?

  14. here i am

  15. Sonic The Hedgehog - Reborn

    What adware? BOOM! * head exploded*