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  1. Post your screenshots thread

    Ohh ok. It's pretty cool. Also, thanks!
  2. Sonic Mania: Spoiler-free thread

    I can't wait for the 29th, but days seem to go by fast this summer (for me atleast), so It'll come soon
  3. Post your screenshots thread

    That's pretty awesome! I'm glad to see Sonic Raiden returning! Though, if there is one thing i have to say is that the crabmeat looks weird (ik, thats really random but thats the only thing i notice) Though, is it still Sonic Max or is it the GM:S port of SRE you mentionned once? (i think you said that, correct me if i'm wrong) on another note, here's some sonic frost stuff:
  4. Post your screenshots thread

    Oh ok also, here's some more stuff I actually started making levels now (even tho this is ALSO a sonic prime port) (maybe this'll just be a sonic prime revival, lolz (The Second image is a mockup, I can't code that.)) (((yes this is in the Sonic Dash engine, yes it's extremely outdated, and i dont care : P (jk) )))
  5. YES!! I GOT MANIA!!

  6. Ohh boy, It's time to go ask my dad if he can buy me Mania.



    I have a feeling this isn't gonna go well

    1. Hexagonal


      i feel ya

  7. Post your screenshots thread

    Here's something I'm doing (BG By Yuki) (I actually figured out the Xmas engine's anim system)
  8. Sonic Frost [Fangame]

    Heeeere are some more Snowy Hills screenshots: Oh and quick update, Ice Palace's tiles are getting revamped by Glitch right now, so once the main tile is done, i'll make slopes for it and show it off (I also have to fix Ice Palace's parallax)
  9. Post your screenshots thread

    You just copy the image link and paste it it automatically adds the image
  10. TheGoku7729's Art Topic!

    I don't do this much so idk how it really works but here's some stuff (this is actually out of order because the thing fuked with my topic and the spoilers got inside of each other, so the sprites are supposed to be on top and mockups at the bottom) Mockups: Sprites: Well, anyway, that's it for now. I'll post more sprites/drawings/mockups If i have more to show!
  11. Post your screenshots thread

    (I'm using SRE because it's way easier to edit the physics)
  12. Post your DevArt pls check me out i make random shizzle
  13. Lost Game Maker Engine's topic

    Ok uh here's a link to the SRE V3.5 Prerelease, Shiro/Violet/Falk/DarkChaoX made it (along with MalcomX, which is Chasman86 now): And here's a link to the New Pack Damizean released a while back:
  14. RIP Archie Sonic Hello IDW Sonic.

    I haven't read much of Archie, but i hope this will be good
  15. Sonic Frost [Fangame]

    Welcome to... MY FIFTH TOPIC ON THIS FORUM WOOOHOOO? enough of that here's the story of this: (BG by DanielMania123) Story: After beating the Death Egg Robot, Sonic escaped the Death Egg with all 7 emeralds. He lands on his plane (Tails is riding the plane) then, they head for a new island and they see: North Island. As they arrive they quickly notice the state of the island; It was frozen and badniks were all over the place! Which meant, Eggman was up to his old tricks again. Now Sonic and Tails must save the animals and the Island! The Crew: TheGoku7729- Leader and Programmer Glitchythehedgehog - Co-Leader, Level Designer, spriter GFThePlayer- Concept Artist Xalia- Musician JoshTheHedgehog33- Ideas. Ricky- Level Designer/Spriter? Dolphman- Spriter Pvic - Programmer Screenshots: New Features: TWO New shields! New and Customized Badniks! FINALLY STOPPED USING MODGEN SPRITES! More updates soon! Gameplay: (Outdated) Known Errors: Some collision problems here and there, and the golden shield not working properly. These were all fixed in the SAGE version that will come this year! Downloads: (Outdated) We have a discord server too: Press F1 for more info in game Credits are in game too! And i think that's all for now! (hope this topic won't get ignored like last time ._.)