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  1. Sonic Planet

    Sonic Planet Sonic Planet is a small, Sonic CD inspired fangame. It is supposed to work as a sequel for Sonic CD, but feel free to put on the timeline wherever you please! Plot Dr. Robotkin has sent a group of advanced Badniks to capture Sonic's pal 'Tails'. Once our hero confronts Robotnik, he tells Sonic that by trying to bring another planet to Mobius' atmosphere, the robots he had sent to the planet had malfunctioned and set the planet's course straight to Mobius. Robotnik then, while holding Tails hostage, tells to Sonic to go stop the planet from crashing into theirs. If I was not clear enough on some parts, do ask me, I will be glad to elaborate! DEM Gameplay The gameplay is, in it's core, the same as the classic sonic games as accurate as Worlds Delta gets. Sonic's abilities include the Spindash, Super Peel-Out and the Insta-Shield. bUT WAIt THeRE's moRe The timetravelling from Sonic CD returns to this game, but instead of having to pick up speed to travel, you simply need to go past them to travel you to another time period. Fuckin' revolutionary, i know. Screenshots Now for the part I'm sure you're actually here for! Let's show you some screenshots! Title screen! Also, if anyone could save my life and tell me what part isn't centered, that'd mean the world to me! Sunshine Shore! The "Green Hill Zone" of the game. Not much to say here, it's pretty generic, but there are fountains that can be used as springs! WEEE! Here's a work in progress boss concept for the level. (The grey blocks break when you run on them!) and last but not least... The Team Xalia 'Director', Programmer, Musician, Concept Artist Mewo-Chan Co. 'Direcor', Secondary Programmer MrLevRocks Sprite Artist, Idea Polish Guy seriously, i don't know what i'd do without him! TheGoku7729 Sprite Artist Glitchy Sprite Artist, Level Design Helper Ricky Sprite Artist The Nightwriter Musician ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One more thing, if any composer would like to help with this game, that would save my life! I am not that great at writing Sonic music, so extra help in that department would mean the world to me! That's all I have so far! Feel free to leave criticism! Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I can help, since we're talking about worlds delta. I sadly don't have much of anything to show you, but I guess if you ask me to put together a demo, I shall.
  3. Roblet Land

    Hire me? Nah, I do stuff for free! https://sounndcloud.com/undertaleaus Here are some of the songs I made!
  4. Roblet Land

    Hmm, seems interesting enough! Would you like another composer to help, by the way? I'd be more than happy to help!
  5. Roblet Land

    Only problem I see with this is that the environments looks pretty empty. Otherwise, it looks cute and fun! Keep it up!
  6. Introduce Yourself

    Okay, first one posting here in 3 years, here we go. Reintroduction time! I am Xalia. I like to sing... dance... pre- wait. I like to use dead memes apparently. Composing music and especially remixing songs is a big passion of mine. I enjoy making remixes of songs from Sonic, Undertale and Oneshot. I am also helping with a bunch of fangames, mostly by creating original music! I program games too on my spare time. I have experience mostly in making FNaF clones for some God forsaken reason. What I use primarily is Clickteam Fusion, but I have made a game in GameMaker once too... If you wish to hire me, please do so, I have no dignity or self respect and I work for 48 months a minute.
  7. Is there a way to delete an account, I truthfully regret every single decision I have ever made on this account.

    1. TheGoku7729


      wat why

    2. Starturbo


      Yeah, from what I've seen, you never did anything wrong (unless, I missed something). Sure, it was a while back and maybe your work wasn't as good, but no one is going to care. Heck, my work from around that time was complete garbage, yet I still show people sometimes for laughs.

  8. Spriters need for a simple and quick task.

    It's ok man also thanks just use my work for whatever you want!
  9. Hello, Felik. Ummm... My question is since im very bored do you need a music track or two for your game. I really have no inspiration of my own so I want some ideas I can turn into music while helping others So if you would want me to do something... just Skype me at mrpixelclassics and tell me what to do! -EDIT- Forgot to mentoine, I can use mmf2 pretty well and i can also do some sprite art as well!
  10. Introduce Yourself

    sup... I'm Alex, always known as PixelClassics... bla bla bla. I'm a music composer and a game devolper also a sprite artist and stuff
  11. Jassbec's logo stuff

    Hey, jassbec! umm... can I bother your life a bit by asking you to make one of those amazing logos for sonic aftermath because my attempts.... failed epicly...
  12. Spriters need for a simple and quick task.

    I'll do some for you! you only need to credit me and I'll be happy. there, you may use the 50x50 pixel sized images for your game
  13. Official Game Project Registry

    (gonna add a logo later) Sonic Aftermath Team PixelClassics: Devolper,designer,story writer, music composer. StormePrower: Music composer Ozi BB: Music composer Sonic aftermath is a game created bypixelclassics, the story takes place after the ending of sonic the hedgehog one. The game is a one-man game created by a guy with not a lot of expierience with game devolping. (sorry i couldny have a lot in there because my lack of english knowledge)
  14. Looking for a team member

    I can help you with mmf2, my fangame is suing mmf2 and i think i know enough stuff to help you
  15. Free Sprites

    Duuuud, dats some amazing stuff you've got there! I'd be very happy if you'd let me use them