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  1. Since we technically are on vacation, the change of SpyKid answering is low, so I'll answer... As for bosses, there are, in fact, non-Robotnik bosses. While they all are related (in a way) to Robotnik (e.g. build by him), they are not all directly controlled by him during the battle. I won't say who/what you'll be fighting, but you can just wait. One thing that I can say, is that until the next demo in January (the one fixing old problems) won't have any bosses, because we won't be done with them, since we are working on level design and gimmicks right now. The game itself will, since it is based of off the Archie comics, propably have NPCs, but there won't be a "free-mode" where you can walk around and talk, but scripted events (especially before/after boss encounters) will most likely be made. As for cutscenes, we aren't sure if we are to make/implant them, since they would need more work put into them... As for this, don't take me to serious on the last point, since I am gathering this info from all the discussions we had in the staff-intern messages, so wait for SpyKid, he'll propably be able educate you more...
  2. Why Are You Still a Sonic Fan?

    I actually can understand Ryan's request forlocking this, because, as we all know, it's opinions that cause harm. Well, can't say much more than the above other than my personal story... For me, the Sonic series is not much more than another game series I enjoy. Sure I like it more than others and it was, at least back in the 90s, everything for me, but times have changed. I ususally play the Sonic games (the 2D ones + Colours/Generations) when I want to test my memory, try to remeber where to go and what to find. For any other of my gaming needs, I play other games. E.g. For complex stories, I play the Metal Gear games, for mind-blowing puzzles, I play the Layton series and to test my "hardcore"-skills and my luck, I play Streets of Rage 3 on Super Hard or Ghouls 'n Ghosts... This comes with an disadvantage though, since I rarely replay the 3D games once I finsh the story/100% them. It also gives me no reason to replay the story-driven 3D games, since I'm satisfied. So, is there any reason to be a Sonic fan these days? No, but the nostalgia, the general difference of Sonic games (in compairson to other games) and the fandom (especially the fangame one) is what keeps me here. Maybe I'm just talking bullshit again, but it's bullshit I'm proud of...
  3. They are right... ZigZaX, we shouldn't have argued, especially at this time... I'm sorry On another note: We're making a New Year's break until the 4th of January, then we'll try to finish a demo, fixing the old demo's issues, asap.
  4. Now you're just putting words in my mouth... I've never said that they were useless. I only said, that there should be a challenge in the level design, even without badniks and if the level is boring by itself, no badniks in the world are gonna' fix that. But if the stage has some challenge even without badniks, then it will/may be interesting with badniks... Also, without working badniks, then we cannot place any, can we?
  5. While I agree with ya that badniks and gimmicks CAN be a part of level design, they don't have to be. Our level design should work without badniks and badniks should be place able everywhere. Sure one can use badniks to his/her advantage like in Green Hill Zone where one can bounce from Buzz Bomber to Buzz Bomber, but this isn't necessary. As for gimmicks, they are important, there you're right, but I can't think of any gimmick we didn't implant yet... Screws, conveyor belts, and water are all there, maybe Spykid meant later Zones like Scorchong Sands... Am I the only one having a really bad déjà-vu right now?
  6. "Stunt Race" XF

    No VirtuaRacing car? You dissapoint me Lake... The game itself is nice, though I don't understand all the hate for the keyboard controlls, since I don't have any problems with them. Also, you could try to make the controlls in a exponential function like f(x)=n^x with x: Seconds after pressing and holding the arrow keys and n: a constant, that defines the turning speed. f(x)/100 would then be the amount of "turning" (i %) that the car is having in relation of the maximal turning speed. E.g. with n=2 the car would turn 1% of max turning after a second, 4% after two, 9% after 3 seconds... Until x>10 when f(x)/100 >100%, meaning that after 10 seconds the car would be turning with maximum speed. Just as an idea, maybe it helps, but every x<4 is too small...
  7. What games are you currently playing?

    I've got my hands on Sonic Heroes lately and am playing the f out of it, meaning that I'd be only in need of finding a XBoX360 copy of Unleashed, which is, btw, hard over here in Europe... Other than that, I'm almost done with 100%-ing Generations, only needing to find those damn RedRings in Planet Wisp Modern...
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode |\/|E

    Now, with sonicfandude1 as a programmer and composer and me as an (temporary) artist, the project starts slowly to move... As soon as sonicfandude1 sorts things out, the OP will be updated.
  9. Post your screenshots thread

    You mean Sonic.exe? Yeah, that was pretty bad, but think about it, it was anno 2009! The fun thing is, in the game I'm trying to make (progress is damn hard to make), there's a tribute zone to that...
  10. Your favorite sonic level of all time!

    2D: Of all the stages that Sonic went trough, I'll pick my favorute stage of my very fist Sonic game: Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD. This stage seems huge for me and was so fast, not to forget the awesome BGM (JP/EU-Ost). I can't think of anything I didn't like, the background, the layout, the music, everything is perfect. And don't get me started on the boss, which is (in my opinion) one of the most creative bosses in Sonic ever, Period. Other stages I loved were Huge Crisis from Sonic Rush for the G.U.N. stuff and everyones favorite Sonic 1 Zone: Gre... Who am I kidding, it is Labyrinth Zone that I adore... 3D: This is more of a hard pick.... While I love City Escape and even stages like Circus Park from ShadowtH, Crisis City from '06 and Tropical Resort, I'll go with Aquarium Park. Unlike other Colours Zones it is slightly calmer and less colourfull (Quote from a friend of my: "Can you even see Sonic with this many colous onscreen!?"). It also is an underwater Zone, and a good to at that, but there is something about that asian/oriented style of this stage that I love. It just is. What I didn't like about Aquarium Park? The boss. I just can't get me to like the "destroy ship, then beat boss" style of bosses...
  11. Musical Similarities

    While I don't want to post here because I could get people pissed off, I still have the urge to post this... I'd like to talk about a game's OST noody seems to talk about: Knuckles Chaotix. While a couple of the songs have a "theme" in them (Evening Star, Moonrise, New Moon and Walkin') the song I want to talk about is Tachy Touch. It seems that this song (at least for me) has a subtle similarity to the Special Stage theme from Sonic CD: Even more interesting is that both songs are used for (partially) non-story related stages... An other similarity, but that may just be my mistake, is "Nobody told me about id" from DooM and Wrapped in black from Sonic Rush. I don't know why, but the bass and the drums of both songs sound incredibly similar. I don't know maybe I'm thinking that I am just being stupid again...
  12. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode |\/|E

    Even if you two would do the music, there still wouldn't be a game since I don't have anybody to do the advanced scripting... I would appreciate if you'd made the music and since I already planned all through there wouldn't be any surprises left once you finished music making, but if you want to work on project that actually are already in the works, thenI don't mind...
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode |\/|E

    Yes, do you know how to write music on a Sega Mega Drive sound font?
  14. I don't know if I'm late or so, but if you still are searcing, try messaging me. I am pretty much what you search for, since I'm a horrible modeller and artist, but can sketch out almost everything. I am overloaded with work, but still can help a bit.
  15. Sonic Rush - A bit underrated?

    I have to dissagree with you, fahyda, Dimps can make a good classic styled game, take a look at Advance 1, it's pretty much Sonic 4 how it should've been. If you want more classic, take a look at Pocket Adventure for NeoGeo Pocket Color... I don't think Rush is underrated. While it is the best of the Sonic NintendoDS games (followed by Colors and then, last, Rush Adventure), I'd call it "uncredited". It introduced the boost and the (working) 2D homing attack, something which every game after Unleashed used. For me it is similar to the OVA: good but forgotten...