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  1. Glad to see the issues have been resolved. If we're good from here, that's certainly great news!
  2. Anime

    I don't watch that much anime, but from what i've seen, I like FMA, Soul Eater, Hetalia and some Naruto. I am going to watch Black Butler some time as well. My fav would probably be Soul Eater.
  3. Wishlist if Sonic returns in Smash

    So let's assume as of now that Sonic is going to return in the next Smash game. If he does, are you hoping for any new changes? This can range from his moveset to really anything that involves him and his franchise. Wish away. My personal wishlist: Moveset: Assuming none of it makes him too powerful, I want: Better Homing Attack Different Side or Down B (my best idea is only a skateboard that he can throw) Tornado (w/ Tails) for recovery More killing moves A f-air that can be used multiple times similar to Meta Knight's More small fan service such as making his d-tilt the sweep kick and d-air the stomp Music: What I'm Made Of Crush 40's Seven Rings in Hand Un-Gravitify Knight of the Wind With Me Stage: Similar to that in Project M but bigger. What Project M's is is just a flat surface with a swinging pendulum. I personally love simple/less-gimmicky stages, with maybe a few gimmicks. As for trophy's/stickers I don't really have any notable preferences.
  4. Sandopolis Zone: is it really THAT bad?

    I don't like this level, but that doesn't mean I absolutely hate it either. It angered me a lot at some points. *coughisecretlylikelabrynthzonecough*
  5. How well does Sonic Adventure 2 hold up today?

    Like most people, SA2 is a mixed bag for me. The story is decent, but not the best. Some things like Shadow leaving Rouge with the emeralds, a random space shuttle that Eggman couldn't own due to his teleporter, and Sonic using chaos control bug me, but it's still pretty exciting, so i'd still give it a pass. But that's not the main part. The speed stages are still great, and though some moves are prone to messing up, I still really enjoy them. The shooting levels aren't really a selling point, but overall, I like them. The treasure hunting stages suck though, but overall, I still like the game. It's good, but nothing really too special. Just... good. OH YEAH AND SA2 MUSIC 4 DA WINNN!!!
  6. Sonic Lost World General Discussion

    Most of that looks really cool... but it doesn't look like player 2 will be doing much like in Sonic 2. But yeah, still looks great for the most part.
  7. What games are you currently playing?

    I bought the Spyro series for myself (played it at a friends long while back). Holds up beautifully. O yea, and CTR.
  8. Sonic Lost World General Discussion

    I hope they are a consistent reoccoruance and Yacker can be a main character. Just as long as there's no voice actor XD.
  9. Microsoft Removing DMR?

    I'm getting PS4 anyways even if they did, and will only get XB1 if I can somehow get two consoles. Thats extremely unlikely so...
  10. Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

    I'd say a great addition would be Yarn Kirby.
  11. The games look Ok. I played the first on DS and the 3rd on Wii at someone else's house, and the were just that; Ok. For a cheap price I might get it, but In ery highly doubt I will be at any other price, unless the game persuades me to do so.
  12. E3 Aftermath: Your console choice(s) for 2013

    Since Microsoft removes the bullcrap, Xbox One isnt bad, but i'm still leaning towards PS4. I can usually get only one console, so it'll have to be my sister getting a Wii U. If I pay her like with the Wii to not put it in her room, I think it'll work out.
  13. Summer of Sonic 2013

    I wanna go as well, but doubt I can. Is Crush 40 gonna be there? Or some band, that'd be kewl.
  14. Tails Adventure and Sonic Blast out on the 3DS eShop

    Well I don't have a 3DS, but I doubt i'd get them for anything more than curiosity anyways. They aren't the most critically acclaimed, but if multiple people are curious, maybe SEGA could make a profit. That's always great!!
  15. Sly Cooper Thread

    So about the PS3 Sly Collection. Is there anything in it that's better or worse than the originals, any extra or missing features, etc?