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  1. I've been away fro awhile, and I'm new to UDK. I don't see how you install this patch.
  2. Looks Awesome! gonna have to give this a try after I get home from work tomorrow. Also, I have some experience with 3D model rigging n such. ~.^
  3. Sonic CB

    Nice work Iornrind! Looking forward to more!
  4. deedubyaaa

    Hay all long time no post eh?! happy late B-Day DW!
  5. Looks good. Long time no see everybody. And yes my server is down and I can't get it back up remotely. anyways, back on topic.
  6. Jsonic Server Notice: Shutting down...

    Ok guys, this is my last post for awhile. Make whatever decisions you see fit about any files you have on my server. Jsonic out!
  7. Jsonic Server Notice: Shutting down...

    Well, Who can I trust to run my server? You guys mite as well get your stuff backed up because my current connection is slow and unreliable anyways. I'll fix that as soon as I can, but that wont be for awhile. Anywhere from a few months to 6 years. If I'm going to put someone in my place, you'll need to make it known quick! I'm leaving in half hour.
  8. I'm leaving for the air force and may be unable to continue maintaining my server. So if you have any data you wish to keep, back it up elsewhere by September of this year. I may have it back online some time in the future. I'll leave my server running while I'm in basic training but I can't guarantee that it'll stay running.
  9. Sonic 3D emerald hunt [UPDATED]

    Also, selecting tails and knuckles didn't work for me, but they did before. Are they not implemented in this demo, or is it just my 3-4 year old laptop?
  10. Sonic 3D emerald hunt [UPDATED]

    Can the engine use Gouraud shading or maybe Flat shading? A sphere mapping with a secondary texture can also make pseudo shading effects possible.
  11. Looks Awesome P3DR0! Keep up the good work! I'd love to help you in some way, but spriting is not one of my skills, and it doesn't seem you need help with anything else.
  12. Sonic 3D emerald hunt [UPDATED]

    I was gonna say that if you can render to texture, you could run your own calculations to map the shadow to the ground always, or make it a separate sprite thats only mapped to the player's x and y positions, and z to the floor below the player. The second option sounds like it'd be easier to implement, I have GM7 But I still don't know how to do anything with it, otherwise I'd love to help you with it as I've got a good head for working with 3D (Mode 7 Blue Spheres Example Engine), I'm used to MMF2Dev. I wish MMF2Dev had a 3D engine like this one.
  13. Sonic 3D emerald hunt [UPDATED]

    Cool! but I think the camera needs to tilt more if posible, its very hard to see where hes going to land.
  14. Sonic CB (Prototype 2)

    It just dawned on me today why DW said what he said. XD Sonic:CB = Sonic: Crystal Ball Still though, you can start the stage zoomed out and zoom in for better visibility, then zoom back out during or after the score screen. Or make it a user controlled function.
  15. Sonic CB (Prototype 2)

    I think the idea is neat. just needs some improvements. Like if possible, Make the fish-eye lens effect just that, but big enough to cover the screen so its not such a narrow point of view. the idea behind the effect in Xtreme as far as I under stand is to get a higher FOV into a normal screen rez like 640x480 or what ever the Sega Saturn had. Like this maybe? Sorry if this stretches the boards. I'd like to see if that improves anything.