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  1. I don't know if it's exactly the best idea but I figured to make a thread for my YouTube channel, which I have been posting stuff regularly on for about 9 years now. I mostly made it to record ROMs and other weirdness, and since I wasn't initially planning on being some big-namer with a fanbase my content is kinda disorganized and unthemed outside the broad "retro gaming research" angle, but nevertheless there is some stuff of interest. At the moment I don't have a proper "show" like Neo Reviews or anything, unless one counts my livestream sessions which are nevertheless still disorganized and don't match the quality of pre-prepared content. But yeah, guess I'll link some of the stuff. (NOTE: Sorry that there's a lotta links.) This is the most popular upload I have. It is approaching 3 million views, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, because it's just a Sega Pico emulation log. A few of the others that went viral. This Sentai game is a fighter on the Pico. Makes about as much sense as it sounds. Most recently, I've been deciding to rip VHS tape oddities. This led to a recent viral upload; a rip of the Terebikko Mario anime that looks about as pristine as VHS can get. This playlist also features a peculiar Bomberman OVA that ironically has very little to do with Bomberman. One other thing I like doing? Archiving video from other sites that would be lost as those sites disappeared. This set of episodes of the Japanese Game Show "Super Mario Club" would be gone forever if I didn't the video from "Stage6" before it shut down. (Volunteers to subtitle all my weird Japanese things, BTW, are welcome.) I've been recording games for Sega Toys' "Advanced Pico Beena" lately. This playlist starts with a Mushiking one that is easily the most popular of the bunch. Other things include Sega Channel and Satellaview archival and livestream highlights. I also attempted some other (probably badly done) things if you feel like digging deeper. I seem to get mostly views from Japan, so I have attempted within my ability to pander to that. That's why I seem so weeb, haha. Anyway, if anyone cares for anything here or would like to give critique (although do note that a lot of the content is years old at this point), feel free to do that here or in any of the YouTube vid comments.
  2. As usual, Sega Pico music rips on YouTube to pad until I get ACTUAL content.

  3. Ah, hey. If anyone has any questions about my moderating feel free to send them my way. Or Stritix's way too probs. But yeah, I'll be fine with answering questions.
  4. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Sure thing! Anyway, Just slightly more than a day left before NCFC2014 starts, folks! Hope everyone who's wanting to participate is ready!
  5. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Normally it's when the event starts, which this year is set for November 3rd (check the countdown on the site!). I may allow late booth entries though, especially since this year Sagexpo Act 2 seems fairly liberal in regard to that sorta thing.
  6. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Just a bit of a topic bump, because time is starting to run short. I haven't gotten many entries from here yet, and particularly not Sonic-y ones yet. I'll just leave a note that you could just submit your SAGExpo demo or whatnot here, since it's a different event entirely.
  7. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Getting my ol' vidya editing faux-magic to work here. Here's a quick trailer.
  8. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Any submissions are fine. Also, Plom, I'll report your issue to Emperor.
  9. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Minor update: I am working on a promotional video for NCFC. Anyone who wants their game in on it, please submit your game booths ASAP!
  10. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Plom, if there's tech If there are tech issues I will report it to Emperor ASAP. I'll run a few tests myself in the meantime. Art and music seem fine and were subjects in previous workshops.
  11. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Bump! Registrations are OPEN! If you're a newbie to this, here are the steps to setting up a booth: 1) Set up an NCFC account by registering on the forum. 2) Once you do, the main page should have a new option called "registrations". From there, you can choose to set up a "Booth" or a "Workshop". These basically are as you'd expect if you're already familiar with SAGExpo, so choose what you'd want to do. 3) You can either have a preconstructed booth build or link the booth to your own HTML page. Likewise, you can either upload your entry to the site (Be wary of the filesize limits!) or use an external filehost to keep your entry. 4) Workshops can be done on either the IRC chatroom or the Livestream. 5) If you feel your entry does not fit one of the predefined categories, please contact me about it.
  12. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    I have no reason to expect that you wouldn't yet. ^^ Games of all kinds are accepted, and of whatever rules I can think of, not that many would even apply to a person doing their first NCFC submission. Just as long as it's not spam, it's fine.
  13. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Sonic games have been welcomed in the past. It's just that no one from the Sonic fangame community itself has submitted any, so it's been isolated to a few entries from the Mario fangame community like Sonic Hexacide. Mega Man games have also been a regular staple. Really, NCFC would take practically anything. There's even an "indie" category introduced last year for anyone who wants to work with original characters. Since we're starting to close in on the design of the layout graphics, I think I'll be safe saying I'm aiming for the week of November 3rd. It will start no earlier than that, and will not be delayed any more than a week from that regardless of the circumstances.
  14. Want in on NCFC 2014?

    Hey folks. I assume for most of you it's been a long time since you heard of anything from NCFC. (Well, technically there was that NCFC Sonic Hexacide game I played back at SAGE Act I, but yeah....) NCFC is an annual fangame event held in the fall season that lasts for 5 days, is themed around Nintendo, and will let both fangame projects and ROM hacks in. It's URL is here: I don't exactly know if you all have any pre-conceived opinions of the event, but whatever they may be, please take note that it may radically shift this year. You see, much of the old blood behind the NCFC staffing have either retired or gone AWOL, and only Emperor (Web developer, basically retiring) and I (normally Livestream moderator) are left with any regular contact. Henceforth, I was put in the role of appointing new staff for this year's NCFC. In a sense, this makes me the head of NCFC this year. ... that may not make much a difference, honestly, but still! I posted this thread to gauge interest in the event. Staff positions are still open, but I got a few trustworthy people with me now and we're closing in on being ready to announce an opening date. When that day comes, registrations will be open. I would suggest the notable projects from this year's two SAGExpo events may appreciate the chance to expose themselves to a new audience. Registration will be open soon, and I'll be quick to let you guys know when it's ready if interest is high enough. Feel free to use this thread to ask questions or to discuss any other details. Livestream and radio content are still pretty up in the air, although I hope to be able to continue my livestreaming stuff much like last year.
  15. SAGExpo Livestream Logs

    I decided to make this thread in the case of anyone's interest in the logs of the SAGExpo livestream. I've attempted to obtain as many things as possible from the Hitbox logging process. The current playlist of logs is available here. It includes whatever I could pull from the Hitbox logs, as well as Instant's own upload of this SAGExpo's Dramatic Fanfic Reading: Most of my logs, InstantSonic's logs, Bluecore's logs, and others are readily accessible sans issues with ContentID. (There is one log of mine in particular I am avoiding uploading to YouTube due to a ContentID issue I'd rather avoid.) There are just a token few that for whatever reason are on hitbox but unable to be pushed to YouTube. There are other people who for whatever reason have had their livestreams fail to log, including the ever-so-frequent streamers Bartman3010 and NeoHazard and ila's contest announcements. FruitCake has said that he was recording what he could of those. I would like to give him big props for that and hope those logs will be ready soon. Feel free to use this thread to ask any questions about the logs or the livestreams.