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  1. Sonic vs Darkness - True Nightmare Revived

    Why is Miles "Tails" Prower and Rouge the Bat hanging around in the Hub?
  2. Sonic DX

    Who is that child?
  3. Sonic DX

    I can't wait to see the results.
  4. Sonic XG

    I am sure everyone knows of that preview by now, sir.
  5. Something you should know about water. It is not blue. It is clear.
  6. SADE Engine - A C++ Game Engine

    I'm glad to hear this, justin123.
  7. Post your screenshots thread

    It's a Gold Shield.
  8. Sonic: Incursion (With Demo!)

    This is completely 2 1/2-D?! I saw the gameplay video and the one thing I have a gripw with is the fireworks. It is daytime in Sunkissed Shore Zone and there are fireworks in the sky.
  9. Sonic Mega Drive SAGE demo download

    They are not easy to track down, Felik.
  10. Sonic World

    Is this the name of the engine or the game?
  11. Sonic Time Twisted - Demo Updated

    How come you can't travel to the future from the present?
  12. UnityBlitzEngine (BlitzEngine port to unity)

    Quite impressive.
  13. Wow! This application could make things easier for fangame creators and make it easier for more people to create.
  14. Wow! That may be an improvement over the original Sonic X-Treme.