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  1. Layer Switching Problems with Tails

    There isn't really a font. I kind of ripped it from the game. If you want I could try and rip all of the letters :3
  2. Post your screenshots thread

    I swear, I can't find that "play" font anywhere. Everyone told me what game its from but I don't see it. Nice try by the way, I think it can look a lot better if it wasn't pillow shaded.
  3. Why Are You Still a Sonic Fan?

    Sonic is just a childhood thing. I stick around and check up on it from time to time. Same as pokemon. If anything I'm more of a Nintendo fan due to the fact I love every mario and pokemon game.
  4. Post your screenshots thread

    lol were doing the same thing.
  5. Sonic Whirlwind Returns!

    Okay I'll see which one works better.
  6. Sonic Whirlwind Returns!

    Ai test Edit: I would post a video but what should i use to record?
  7. Your favorite sonic level of all time!

    2D: I liked almost all of the levels in sonic 3&K but if I was to pick one it would be Hydrocity Zone as a level that dates back to my child hood and is still fun today. Honorable Mention would be Lava Reef and Mushroom Hill beening that I havent played them as much as Hydrocity. Heck the whole game would make me buy the sound track. 3D: I had a hard time with this one but I would have to go with Sonic Colors, Planet Wisp. It was a pretty level with great music. The intro alone got me hooked with the grass field converting to an industrial theme. Honorable Mentions would be the Sonic Generations Seaside Hill, Sky Sanctuary and Sonic Adventure 2's Pyramid Cave.
  8. Sonic Mayhem Re-launched.

    Welcome back dude. As for the game I think its pretty cool. Its not often someone makes a game based off game gear games.
  9. Freedom Planet -- Steam Release

    I got this game as well. The game-play and level design is great. I think I'm going to record a LP video for it.
  10. My First Real Gimmick

    I'll look into it but I think it has something to do with shifting Y movement down per second.
  11. Spriting Helper Available

    *Raises hand*
  12. Post your screenshots thread

    I can't believe your really using unity sir clouder. It seems legit!
  13. Sonic World Remix - A SGDK remake

    Seem legit. Not much else could be said other then good luck!