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  1. Help creating a break in acts.

    oh F**k, i am terribly sorry. I'm using MMF2, but i'm using my own engine (for a change). just limit the camera?, ok i got it, thanks.
  2. Remember in sonic 3 / Sonic and knuckles, when the camera stayed on you and the boss and you could not progress forward or back till the boss was defeated?, basically i'm after some help with that. Would i need maybe some "stoppers" so to speak to stop the character going back and forward, then when the boss is destroyed have an event that enables the character to move forward again? Also with the camera, would i need to set that to certain boundaries so it will focus on the fight between character and boss? This is the last time i ask for help for a while, some serious working is going on soon. Thank You in Advance.
  3. Drawing Your On Sprites, And Frame Timing

    Not a lot of experience in spriting yeah, but i can draw so that's a plus, ok cool, thanks.
  4. I'm planning on drawing some sprites for a ne fan-game concept i have, i got some skecthes prepared already and am about to transfer them over to digital ink (so-to-speak) I have two questions that i need advice on 1. What programs would be the best to do this in, detail bieng key (or is MS paint sufficient?) 2. how many frames per action do i need (i noticed with sonic sprites it's usually 4, then the first 3 added on in revese order to make a full flowing action, so it goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1.) And and all advice / guidance is very much appreciated. Thanks in Advance
  5. So something like, "if animation (the part where the sword contacts) plays and it contacts enemy, take off 1 value and / or destroy", (I think you know what i mean)
  6. Is there any way to make a certain part of an animation or sprite, when it comes into contact with another object, it's destroys or damages it. Experimented in trying to use an action point (but failed) The AIM - (E.G), If a characters sword comes into contact with an enemy, it will destroy it. I'm using MMF2 (naturally), and any help is appreciated.
  7. Sprite's, Movement Perfect, Using Paint

    Ahh i totally understand that now, (wow i REALLY needed that advice). this is really gonna help me, thank you Rael0505, and indeed everyone else.
  8. Sprite's, Movement Perfect, Using Paint

    I should have been a little clearer, i meant ripping a sprite from a sheet (using MS Paint), and was after a program where i could re-create the animation for MMF. Piant.NET helps me out very much.
  9. Legality of Fangames

    So let me get this right. if you use sprites, backgrounds etc, from a game, putting "All rights belong to sega / capcom" or "All content owned by sega / Capcom" in the game , can't be a way to make it "safe" so to speak?
  10. Sprite's, Movement Perfect, Using Paint

    ahh interesting, thank you so those will both work if i wanna create frame by frame perfect sprites, yes?
  11. Sprite's, Movement Perfect, Using Paint

    I appreciate the advice as always, but what's that Gimp program do?
  12. Megaman 7/Megaman X Engine

    I like this A LOT The changes to the different "weapon forms" of megaman are smooth. One thing though, when you fall on top of spikes that are connected to the wall you take damage (but it's still an alpha build so that's ok). all in all very nice.
  13. I use MS Paint for Sprites, but i always find, when i copy and paste them from sprite sheets, they are always un-synchronised (as in the character moves up, down, left, or right because of the way i have pasted them in). Is there anyway to get them perfectly synchronised (i only have MS Paint, and can't really get my hands on any other programs, so it might be difficult) thanks in advance EDIT - I should have been a little clearer, i meant ripping a sprite from a sheet (using MS Paint), and was after a program, where i could re-create the animation for use in MMF2.
  14. imagine a camels humps (only way i can describe it) it's curves down then upwards again. (Big picture i know, but cannot scale it down) would a 360 degree engine be needed for the character to follow the cruved slope, or is just a slope engine ok for this task? i ask this because i suck at 360*engines, i can do slope engines (straight slopes), and i'm trying to work around this problem
  15. this is a total noob request but we we're all noobs at one time guys i was just wondering, are there any programs that you can do 3D and 2D character modelling with (i don't think i could with 2D, not sure) And a program that will let me use my modelled characters? (modelling is with shapes right?) I know this sounds like a wierd request, but it's something i am curious about. Sum up - looking for program i can model characters with and run them on (this is for game based purposes) 9there has to be some program that will allow me to do this) any advice or assistance is appreciated if you need any more information to the question, please ask thanks in advance.