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  1. It's been some time since I've been on this site...

  2. Spark the electric jester - (DEMO v3 BETA)

    I drew this on May 1st but never had the chance to upload it. I present this fan art of Spark. I messed up on the shoes but meh... You can like it, you can hate it, you can do whatever. P.S. AVM is my full name initials in case you are wondering.
  3. Sonic Chrono Adventure 1.1 - SAGE 2014

    Question: How many Music Tracks were used in this (fan) game? ... Oh, btw, I noticed some odd stuff during the game. 1 - I saw a moving bumper in Gerem's Base 2 - I think I saw Knuckles in the ground at the forest area... I think it might have been a Motobug however...
  4. Sonic Thunder

    Ahhh... listening to that Windmill Isle song makes me want to play the PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed again... On topic though, the engine looks very smooth and awesome! I like how you gave Sonic the Sonic Advance 1-3/Battle palette for the Sonic Colors/Generations styled Advance sprites! A few criticisms: . That platform that goes up and down moves very slow . (From what I saw) Sonic only has two moving animations: Walk and Run. Try adding jogging sprites . Sonic's walking sprite looks odd. Perhaps it's the animation . Try adding animation for Tails throwing Ring Boxes . Tails' tails (sounds odd I know ^^; ) stays in one position (Tails' tails always had some type of gravity thing) Other than that, you got a good engine!
  5. Sonic Time Twisted - Demo Updated

  6. Sonic 8-bit remake

    That's odd. I was able to play through the whole demo with no problem.
  7. New Sonic Cartoon "Sonic Boom"

    Unfortunately, they did MLP references in Teen Titans Go. D:
  8. Sonic Time Twisted - Demo Updated

    BIG PROBLEM!! I can't barely see the screen during gameplay. Look here:
  9. Sonic Time Twisted - New Video Trailer

    Hmm... the gameplay is a whole lot better than what I imagined and is a whole lot better than the previous demos you created! I am proud and amazed at this work you and your team did on this project! Congrats! And I (think) can hear Andy's music at Frigid Fortress!
  10. Shinbs Sprites Sanic's Sometimes

    Who dat? Naw, I'm just kiddin'! I love that character! SNK was one of my favorites back when I was little!
  11. Hello there! I'm working on a Crash Bandicoot (yes it is not a Sonic fan game) fan game and I would like some help. Now for those who played Crash Bandicoot: Tiki Quest (look at one of the videos from my playlist here: they will recognize these sprites: (Please note that these sprites are from and I have 100% permission to use these sprites and I and anyone else could edit these sprites) (Please note that these sprites a PURPOSELY on JPG for protection). I would like some help on these sprites. For anyone who would like to help me, please PM me or comment down below. Here are some poses I would like for them (NOTE: Please refer to videos or images of what game I say next to the pose I list): CB2CSB = Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back CB3W = Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped CBTWOC = Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex CB2NT = Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (that awesome Game Boy Advance game ) Idle ----- 1. Scratch Head - CBTWOC 2. The Crash Dance - CB2CSB-CB3W (he does that after every boss in those games) 3. Plays with Yo-Yo - CB3W Jogging (basic movement) - CB2CSB - CBTWOC (thats been his jog since Crash 2) Running (the 'Crash Dash' power) - CBTWOC (however, I want his head up when running) Double Jumps (Crash does two double jumps in CBTWOC) - CBTWOC Ducking & Crawling (he's been doing this since Crash 2) - specifically CBTWOC Spin Attack (the famous spin attack!) - Crash Twinsanity (yes Crash Twinsanity ) Death Animations ---------------- Look at these for help: Classic Death Animation from Crash Bandicoot: Crystal's Wrath - Crash Bandicoot Death Animations - Crash Bandicoot 2 Death Animations - Crash Bandicoot 3 Death Animations - Crash Bandicoot: TWOC Death Animations - KO! - From Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex Angel - Done by CyberWolf12 & me (I made edits) Burned - CBTWOC Flat - CB2CSB - CB3W Falling with Shoes flying in air - All Classic Crash games Electricuted - CBTWOC Stabbed by Sharp Stuff - CBTWOC Drowning - CB2-CB3 & CBTWOC (Both versions) Blown Up - All Classic Crash games Sorry if I sound demanding or if this is too much. I may ask some help on others such as bosses or Coco, Aku Aku, and Polar (from CB2) in the future if needed. Now please know that this is for a Crash Bandicoot fan game called Crash Bandicoot: Cortex Chaos (pending title probably).
  12. Sonic Chrono Adventure 1.1 - SAGE 2014

    I use Camstudio Recorder for stuff like that. I'd try that if I were you.
  13. Sonic Chrono Adventure 1.1 - SAGE 2014

    Anyone know the music for the boss after the Prison Escape (Sonic fights an airplane of somesort... bah I forgotten the name TT) EDIT: Oh wait, it's called SE-OEG-99... EDIT 2: I feel stupid but its I'm My Own Master Now (Instrumental) from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance... man, they got some awesome music.
  14. Sonic Chrono Adventure 1.1 - SAGE 2014

    I found a glitch that is useful for me (but is also being a cheater). Whenever I have 0 rings, I press the help button to get info and when I get hit I fly in the air in my standing pose. Once I get rid of the help stuff, I land on the ground, alive. That helped me out on the secret boss phase II. I also tried debug mode and I was in Polem Kingdom. I transformed from Tails, to Gerem, and back into Polem Sonic. I transformed back into Sonic and I completed the stage as Sonic (I beat the stage normally, I'm just restarting the game on a different save file) using moon jumps to help me out on certain things. Being a cheater!
  15. Sonic Time Twisted - New Video Trailer

    Its.... its.... its so beautiful... I've never seen anything like it.... Just kiddin, but in all seriousness, that background is very beautiful but something about Sonic's upper spike fur bothers me... other than that, it's so bright and pretty... EDIT: And is the pose Sonic doing his idle? It highly reminds me of the OVA Sonic.