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  1. Why and how did we start making fangames?

    I was looking for downloadable Sonic games when I came across Sonic fan games which made me want to make my own. I started learning Multimedia Fusion 1.5 which got me into game development properly.
  2. Sonic Mania.

    This is the most fun I have had with a Sonic game in years.
  3. I'm still using Multimedia Fusion 2/Clickteam Fusion 2.5, however I'm interested in learning Unity. I'll need to learn it at some point.
  4. Musical Similarities

    Interesting discovery. Lost World as a whole was very inspired by Mario. Hard to say whether it was intentional or not.
  5. Batman: The Enemy Within

    Not played it. Seems quite interesting though. I loved Arkham City, so perhaps I should try this too.
  6. Sonic Mania.

    I'm surprised it has been delayed so close to release.
  7. Sonic Genesis Tileset Templates

    Topic moved to Game Creation Research & Discussion~
  8. Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U

    Hopefully Nintendo ports this to the Switch. It's still pretty recent.
  9. Sonic Mania.

    Sonic Mania's soundtrack is perfect.
  10. Welcome to SoaH City's new forums! We have managed to restore the Sonic United forums from January 2015. SoaH City's forums were using a far older backup of Sonic United's forums with years of data missing. If you registered in January 2015 or before, your account will be intact. You may log in with your old display name. If you cannot remember your password, you can use the reset password feature. If you cannot remember what email you used or if you are not sure whether you registered with us before, simply send us an email at webmaster @ and we will assist you. If you registered after January 2015 then you can register a new account. Only register a new account if you are certain you do not already have an account with us as we only allow one account per member. I must mention, this is the last backup of Sonic United's forums which is from when we were merged with SFGHQ. We decided to take the sites solo to develop more unified sites after the database broke in May 2015. We are not affiliated with SFGHQ any more. This is entirely SoaH's solo forums using Sonic United's database, despite the old merger data still being here. Numerous site improvements have been made. The forums design is much cleaner now, the forums layout has been improved, the forums link colour has been changed to blend in more with the theme, and there's some general CSS clean up. We also have a new staff member joining us. KiddoCabbusses has joined the staff team as a moderator. He has helped the site a lot over the years. Old Sonic United staff members have returned as well. gsoft and DimensionWarped have returned as administrators. Both did a fantastic job and did a lot for SoaH's launch in April 2015. gsoft is actually largely responsible for helping with restoring Sonic United's forums. Mr. Potatobadger has resumed his moderator role too. He did a great job moderating the community on Sonic United. We're glad to have them all on board. Sorry we were down for so long. We're glad to be back!
  11. Nah. I'm looking forward to it too. I really enjoyed Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump on iOS.
  13. New Sonic United Banner

    My good friend Charles has been working on a new stylish banner for Sonic United. He has done an incredible job. The new banner has a brand new logo, updated tagline, along with Super Sonic and the city background being updated with a new style. The new banner is up on the site. If you are unable to see the new banner, try clearing your cache.
  14. New Update Released 23/12/2014:
  15. Discuss Sonic Jump for iOS and Android here!