All posts must be on-topic & constructive
Off-hand comments are inevitable, but you must endeavour at all times to try and contribute to the topic at hand. This means no spam, which includes, but is not necessarily limited to, simple one liners, or short, offensive phrases which do not comply with the topic subject. We also will not play host to offensive or illegal content, which includes pornographic imagery, software piracy, and any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) materials.

Respectful and appropriate conduct at all times
Now, you don't have to like your fellow forum members, and no-one is expecting or forcing you to. What we do expect, however, is for each and every one of you to conduct yourselves appropriately at all times. This means there will be no personal attacks on other members, and any form of discriminative or inflammatory comment will not be tolerated. Also do not leak members personal information under any circumstance.

Correct procedures on posting threads
When you wish to post a thread, you must make every effort to check for pre-existing topics beforehand. To this end, there is an integrated search function you may use. Also, under no circumstances will you create a thread with the express intention of creating unrest within the forum or targeting a particular member. Make sure to post threads in the appropriate forums, using the descriptions as guidelines. Also, when you are creating a topic, try to be as detailed as possible. Remember, you're attempting to generate a discussion, and an original post that is barebones and doesn't really put anything up for discussion is not likely to entice anyone to post.

No impersonating moderators
If you notice a user breaking the rules, the best way to help is to use the report function available in each post. This will alert the appropriate moderators to the issue so they can respond. Do not act as if you are a moderator, doing so will only cause further detriment and possibly a heated retaliation. Let the staff handle the matter and don't get involved; or you may be penalized too.

One account per user
Each user is only allowed one account. Under no circumstances are you to create any alternate accounts for the purposes of impersonating or trolling other members. Multi-accounts will be merged and owner suspended. Ban-dodging via the creation of multiple accounts will be harshly punished.

If you break any of the above rules, you will be given a warning point or possibly several depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken. Warning points may expire over time, however as you gain more warning points, different punishments will be given out such as temporary restrictions and temporary suspensions. Once you reach five warning points, you will be permanently banned. If you receive a permanent ban and a year has passed since you were banned, you may send an email to [email protected] to request a ban lift on your account. As this website is privately owned the staff reserve the right to ban you without notice if you demonstrate yourself to be especially hostile or idiotic. Should a member resort to harassment, annoyance and other idiotic actions outside of the boards (e.g. skype or email), the staff can and will ban said member if deemed appropriate. If you are unhappy with a decision made by a staff member then please report your issue to an administrator, however if you wish to dispute a decision you must do so politely.