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  2. What games have you bought lately?

    Guess I'll just go through a few from the past couple months... Prison Architect - haven't played a ton of it, but it sort of follows a similar pattern to Dwarf Fortress of housing/feeding newcomers and such. Dark Souls 3 - nothing to say about that which everyone doesn't already know Spark the Electric Jester - a great game by one of our community members. West of Loathing - Made by the KOL guys. It's neat, if perhaps a little shallow.
  3. Why and how did we start making fangames?

    I was looking for downloadable Sonic games when I came across Sonic fan games which made me want to make my own. I started learning Multimedia Fusion 1.5 which got me into game development properly.
  4. Sonic Mania.

    This is the most fun I have had with a Sonic game in years.
  5. I'm still using Multimedia Fusion 2/Clickteam Fusion 2.5, however I'm interested in learning Unity. I'll need to learn it at some point.
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  7. What games have you bought lately?

    Splatoon 2 was my last gaming purchase. Haven't bought much recently.
  8. Oh, thanks~ I didn't draw this, a guy I commissioned did. This is my fan-character, Mega Man Neo/Rockman Neo (named after one of Mega Man Legends/Rockman DASH's prototype names (the other being Rockman Nova)) and is a Mega Man ZX type of fan character. He stars in a fan fiction I'm currently writing. You can look at my deviantart or page if you're curious.
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  10. Roblet Land

    Giving the stats screen a more old computer/terminal look. Can't decide if I want the device itself to be white/gray, as otherwise it looks somewhat modern.
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  12. What games are you currently playing?

    Me? Sonic fangames, sometimes, usually Stellaris though. Once I have a machine capable again might get back to Cities Skylines or the like.
  13. Sonic Project Twisted

    Interesting take on the HUD there. Curious as to what you intend to do with Silver, such as making him playable.
  14. What games have you bought lately?

    Game-wise? Most recently that was Stellaris and the Mass Transit DLC for Cities Skylines. Nothing for a while now though, finances won't permit it (and I need to replace the desktop before it dies completely on me).
  15. Sonic Mania: Spoiler-free thread

    The CE was delivered today with a pretty big rip in the outer cardboard. Anything else is fine. It looks so good!
  16. Honestly, this may not count as a game but I bought RPG Maker VX Ace last month. Thanks to Overseas, I haven't touched it much but I'm looking forward to making art to import into the system. I just wish it was a little...I wish it had more freedom in regarding that. What about you guys? Have you bought anything recently? Also, for those that are leery with buying games online (you know you're out there...), also explain how you bought the games and what is the best way to buy a game? =D
  17. What games are you currently playing?

    Playing Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 when the mood strikes. I'm not finding as much time or inclination to play games at the moment, so progressing through them is slow.
  18. Roblet Land

    Added a second page of stats!
  19. The Collecters edition arrived today for me :D  


    Too bad i'll have to wait until mania for PC comes out. So i guess im gonna be playing Sonic 1 Again... :scool:

  20. wew feels like I haven't touched this place in god knows when 

  21. Why and how did we start making fangames?

    I discovered hacks and fan games after seeing Razor and Zenon's channel a thousand times on "recommended for you" on YouTube. I started out with practicing hacking but learned it required a slight knowledge of algorithms and variables and it lacked full palette freedom. After doing research and studying the differences between hacks and fan games, I pursued the latter and then it began from there. I've been deeply in love with the Sonic 3 journey since 5 years-old and I wanted to make a game like that with CD beauty. That's how I began developing Overseas. c:
  22. Double Dog Dash. - Coots Photography. Painted Dogs on the run.
  23. Roblet Land

    Yes I do, actually. I'm thinking you can level them up by completing easy competitions, and using money earned to buy special items (similar to the recently released Chao Resort Island fan game). However, I'm thinking there will also be mini-games the player can compete in, which makes the process much quicker, as you'll get items directly. Some of these mini-games will be based on different genres, though others may be more simple. Hope this answers your question! Currently, I'm working on redoing the stats a bit (planning on adding another page, which you can change to by pressing a button), so hopefully I can show that off soon.
  24. Roblet Land

    Looks interesting! Any thoughts on the levelling system yet?
  25. Roblet Land

    Adjusted collisions a bit, as well as Technic's shadow! I know, not too exciting. Wonder if the shadow being small here will bother anyone, cause I think it's either this, Technic's hitbox is wider, or there's clipping with the shadows. There's still clipping with Technic's antenna at times, but I think it's not a big deal, especially if I do add forward/backward walking animations.
  26. Sonic Mania: Spoiler-free thread

    The wait won't seem to end for me, instead. The days are going by so slowly ç_ç. Anyway, 12 days to go! EDIT: The CE was just shipped, can't wait for it to be delivered!
  27. Post your screenshots thread

    Ohh ok. It's pretty cool. Also, thanks!
  28. Post your screenshots thread

    Thank you. And yes, this is using a heavily modified port of the Super Ring Engine. It was very tedious getting it to work in Studio. And someone else mentioned that the crabmeat looked a little weird, so maybe I'll end up changing it altogether. And I'm liking that Sonic sprite in your screenshots.
  29. Sonic Mania: Spoiler-free thread

    I can't wait for the 29th, but days seem to go by fast this summer (for me atleast), so It'll come soon
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