Forums Rules

Welcome to the SoaH City forums. We’re a group of fans that grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog games back on the Genises/Mega Drive. Our discussion board is open for conversations much more than Sonic. We’re peaceful and always open for constructive ideas to improve our city. We’re geared toward a teen audience, so we don’t mind mild swearing and blood. However, with all of that said, we do have some guidelines for members to follow. It’s a short read.

Basically, as long as you’re nice, constructive with your opinions, don’t post anything offensive, and keep your signature short, you should be fine.

1. Be respectful towards all members by treating them the way they want to be treated.

2. Do not spam or attack the board. We define spam as the following:
– Messages with annoying, stupid, image filled, and/or useless or little content to them
– Posting things like, “in before the lock” and “free post”
– Posting an item throughout the board as a meme, joke, or insult
– Frequent “bumping” of a topic
– Posting repeatedly in the same topic before others reply
What is considered spam will be decided by the staff and the community.

3. Do not sabotage any topic, meaning, do no post anything disruptive to the discussion at hand.

4. Petitions, hounding, protests, etc. for any sort of change on the message board is prohibited. However, you may send a message to staff with your suggestions.

5. No pornographic content may be posted or linked. People and characters must have naughty parts covered or hidden.

6. SoaH City is not a dating or sex site so therefor we have no tolerance for sexual role playing, cybering, or getting dates.

7. Graphic and offensive content is allowed to an extent. Questionable content must have a warning and the content must be shared via a link unless it is the theme of the topic.

8. Give credit where credit is due, including revealing sources on news. Basically, don’t pass someone else’s work off as your own.

9. Post a warning when there’s a spoiler to a story ahead.

10. Keep your signature short and simple. This is defined as the following:
– Contains less than 1,000 characters
– No more seven images
– No animated gifs
– Width cannot exceed 550 pixels
– Height cannot exceed 400 pixels
– The contents must not break any board rule
– Total size of content must be less than 300 KB

11. Write topic titles about the topic inside while avoiding spoilers.

12. Your user name/display name must be clean for a teen audience. Names cannot be longer than 32 characters and it must be broken up if it’s that long, but cannot have more than four numbers to it. Names can only contain alphanumerical characters, which is done by force by the board. Basically, someone should be able to speak your name out loud easily. The Staff holds the right to make or request name changes.

13. A member may have one extra account for Role Playing, but both accounts must link to each other in the profile and through signatures.

14. Avoid regular use of fancy fonts and colors in your posts. What might look cool on the skin you use could be unreadable by another member using a different skin.

15. If posting in a topic that has no new replies to in within the last 25 days, your comment must contain more than 25 words unless your are posting new information, asking a question, or the topic is stuck.

FINAL NOTE: Several forums and board contests/events have alternations and or additions to the rules, so follow those rules as they apply.

. . .

I Accept These Rules: The forums are currently unavailable. Work in Progress. They’ll be back!