Wallpapers OLD

Welcome to Shadow of a Hedgehog’s desktop area; the biggest collection of Sonic wallpapers on the Internet with 197 different kinds of Sonic wallpapers, 42 classic Sonic Team game wallpapers, 20 iPhone/iPod Touch wallpapers, and 19 PSP wallpapers with a grand total of 278 wallpapers. Some of the wallpapers are so rare that you’ll only find them here. However, desktops don’t just have wallpapers so we have icons and screen savers as well!

There are low quality thumbnails for each and every wallpaper so you can see a preview of them. Just select your wallpaper size underneath the thumbnail and download it. For the PSP and iPod wallpapers, click on the thumbnail for the larger version. Next to each section is a number in parentheses telling you how many of items are in that section. Take a look around and spice up that bland desktop.

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