Lyrics For My Sweet Passion…Theme of Amy

Music: Fumie Kumatani
Lyrics: Fumie Kumatani
Arranging: Fumie Kumatani
Lyrics Translation: Takahiro Fukada
Featuring: Nikki Gregoroff (vocals), Will Lee (B), Ricky Wellman (Ds)

I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to
… Packed up my stuff, set out for adventure …
I know that your lucky color is that cool shade of blue
… Won’t mind painting myself blue for you …
I guess I’m so easy to understand
I just do what ever that comes to me naturally

I do understand the feelings of a Persian Cat
… But the Sphinx looked so cute I had to shave it …
He reminds me of parsley when he’s standing there all alone
… Makes me wanna be his specialite …
I guess I’m just a self-centered girl
But there are nights that I have trouble going to sleep

* Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – So many things I want
Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – I wanna be a wonderful girl
Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – I’m not simple-minded
Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – And I won’t be a pearl

You probably need me just as much as I need you

(Pf solo)

Are you okay you seem to be a little bit tense
… You don’t have to worry ’bout a single thing …
We are free to get whatever that we want to have
… We’re also free to do whatever we want …
That’s what we’ll do that’s what we’ll do
We should live our lives the way we think it ought to be

Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – There’s no where to hide
Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – Come on settle our lives
Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – I’ll always be there for you
Sweet sweet you’re so sweet – In the best and worst times

You can be my sweetest honey for enernity

* Repeat

I honestly need you just as much as you need me