New Sonic Forces Short Comic Posted, More to Follow

New Sonic Forces Short Comic Posted, More to Follow

Today the official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page released a short comic that ties into the Sonic Forces storyline titled Sonic Forces: Moment of Truth.

The short involves an outpost soldier who considered himself a failure, retelling his past of hearing about heroes such as Sonic the Hedgehog. After the arrival of The Chaotix, Eggman’s forces attack the base and the young solider has to prove to himself and everyone else that he has what it takes to be a hero as well.

Overall, I love these kinds of shorts, as they help build up the lore and narrative of the story by giving you just a taste here and there instead of overloading you with so much detail in the beginning. These bite-sized chunks are perfect to get the hype going and I’m glad that we get some sort of comic form of Sonic before the game launches.

Follow the link below to view the comic yourself. According to the official post, there should be more shorts to follow. We will keep you updated when they drop.

Posted by Sonic The Hedgehog on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Keep it fast everyone and we will see you in the next one!