Sonic Mania Download Code Does Not Work For Some Users

Sonic Mania Download Code Does Not Work For Some Users

Sonic Mania has had a really successful release with fans and reviewers both praising the game. However, I have come across some frustrated fans who report the download code included in the collector’s edition box does not work unfortunately. I have had a few people tell me that when they type in the code on a PS4 or Nintendo Switch, they are welcomed with a error code “WC-40378-2”. In short, this error code means the code entered is invalid or not activated properly. However, people are getting different error codes on different consoles with the codes from the Sonic Mania collector’s box.

So far, SEGA have not publicly acknowledged any of these codes and have not commented on these issues at this time.According to a Playstation support representative, the developers actually have not yet activated some of the codes for some reason.

Are you also affected by these error codes from the collector’s edition? Please let us know in the comments!

*UPDATE* Aaron Webber has publicly acknowledged the error codes and is working with Sony to resolve these issues.

In other news, some customers are reporting more launch day blunders. The collector’s edition of Sonic Mania has been temporarily out of stock and Amazon are experiencing a shipping delay. They are expecting new copies by August 20 2017.