Ian Flynn Reassures Archie Sonic Comic Fans

Last week I rounded up all of the crazy online rumours we’ve seen regarding the status of the Sonic Comics. With no new news or comics on the shelves since December 2016, multiple websites (including us) have been assuming the Sonic Comics are cancelled. However, as much rumours there are about the supposed cancellations,  no news is confirmed through both parties from SEGA or Archie Comics. On Twitter, Ian Flynn reassured some desperate fans that he has covered what is going on last month on BumbleKast (skip to 51:33).

However, they continuously inform the public every month that they are currently “in talks” with SEGA about the future of the comics and once they find out they will inform the public. Although, so far there has been no news. So Archie are not behind any so called “conspiracy” to cancel the comics.

This is pretty much good news for me as I’m pleased that the comics are not cancelled and I hope they sort out their legal status soon. What do you think about the news? Although the lack of official news has of course been frustrating, it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.