Archie Sonic Comic Theories

It’s been a few months since we last heard the news of the Sonic Comic’s problems  and ongoing issues with SEGA and Archie due to an un-renewed publishing license. Since then there has been a lot of wild theories out there on the internet regarding the status of the comics and whether or not they are indeed cancelled.

In April 2017 Archie comics announced subscribers will receive news about what’s going on at the end of the month. This unfortunately never happened and fans started to get more irritable at the treatment they were dealing with, especially this being a blow to the subscribers and die hard fans of the comics who wanted to find out what was going on.

Our friends at  TSSZ continue to report Archie is “In Talks” with SEGA every month but with no further updates or confirmation about an actual status.

Here are just some theories what fans have come up with on the internet about the Sonic comic’s current fateful status:

There is no news to report, as Sonic comics are Cancelled

This is the most common theory across the internet and likely the most believable one at the moment. The reason why Archie has not completely said anything to the fans is because the Sonic comics may in fact be cancelled and they do not want to announce so due to fear of public backlash. With many upcoming Sonic comics such as Sonic Universe and STH with Sonic Mega Overdrive being cancelled and being the fact Archie has not released a comic since December 2016, this sad outcome seems the most likely possibility.

Riverdale has greatly impacted Archie’s view on Sonic comics

Sonic comics have had a negative fate ever since the launch of Archie’s new series Riverdale. Like it or not, Riverdale has become quite a popular series and also has its own live action show on Netflix. It all started on “Free Comic Book Day” when Sonic comics’ planned “Genesis of a Hero” was dumped for the first issue of Riverdale – also, on Twitter, their description currently does not state they are the home of Sonic comics anymore.

It’s also been rumoured Archie have “No Plans” at this stage to come back to Sonic Comics as they want to focus their image on more original content.

Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces have been an influence in the Sonic comic’s cancellations

This is one of the wildest theories out there, long before the first Sonic Forces trailer was released which showed a custom character creator trailer, people thought that the mysterious figure in the game was Antonie and that the game would be based in the Sonic SatAM universe. Quickly this theory was proven to be false and we can all live peacefully again.

Archie are actually in talks with SEGA about the Comic’s situation.

This is the most talked about possibility even with many so-called talks with SEGA, the same thing is said by the company at least once a month, although with no planned email explaining the situation to their subscriber customers in late April raised further suspicion. If it’s true that they’re in talks with SEGA it is indeed very frustrating that we have not received any news about the current status, and although a lot of these crazy rumours are around, a Cancellation has so far not yet been confirmed, although looks highly likely at this stage.

More news about the Sonic Comics will be released at E3 this year.

This is another long shot rumour I have seen crop up just recently. Instead of publicly announcing the status of comics to select number of fans, SEGA will reveal what is going on at their E3 presentation but so far seems unlikely, as they have not announced anything in their E3 game lineup

At the moment this is all speculation, but what are your thoughts about the whole situation? Personally I feel quite sad about it because I have been a huge fan of the Sonic comics and a loyal collector for a very long time. It’s a shame the customers and respectful fans have to be left in the dark while we receive no further updates and news about what’s going on with both ends. I hope the comics aren’t cancelled, but at this stage until we get more information from officials, anything is possible.