Sonic Runners Adventure Soft Launched in Select Countries

Just as out-of-nowhere the game had appeared, suddenly, it seems that Sonic Runners Adventure has become available in some countries. Reports from Sonic Stadium seem to indicate that the game is available currently in Russia, and parts of the UK, via the GAMELOFT CLUB Store. However, it seems that it’s possible to purchase the game outside of said territories.

And while many have been successful at getting the game to work, others… well, not so much.

Luckily, we here at SoaH CITY have been able to get a hands on experience with the full game during its current softlaunch phase, and are able to share gameplay and details.

First and foremost, the game is available to purchase for $4.99, or for free for members of the GAMELOFT CLUB service. At this time, there also doesn’t appear to be any in-app purchases, meaning everything is unlockable by progressing through the game, and no ads are present during any portion of the game.

As for gameplay, the game plays very similar to the original Sonic Runners. Your character automatically runs forward, and controls are as simple as tapping to jump. More objects are available to interact with throughout the randomly generated terrain, which allow scripted events to trigger, giving the player a higher score. Character classes return in this game, with Speed, Power, and Flight. Buddies also make a return, and can assist the player by destroying enemies, shielding, collecting rings, amongst other bonuses that help. Menus are easier to navigate now as well, with fewer annoyances that blocked gameplay for a significant amount of time in the previous Runners game. And finally, the game also brings back visual novel styled story telling, with renders of characters showing emotion with text boxes underneath.

What do you think of this sequel? Have it yet? Will you get it eventually? Let us know down in the comments below!