Sonic Mania shows off Chemical Plant Act 2 Gameplay

The Official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel has released some more footage of Sonic Mania, this time focusing on one of the most beloved zones from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Chemical Plant Zone.

The player is running through the zone with Tails, which adds a little bit of the nostalgic flair. Once Tails makes it past the second loop, we do see that the chemical plant has changed slightly. Instead of having lavender pools of dangerous chemicals that can sink our hero, we are instead to see that the chemicals have changed in composition, giving Tails a bouncy gelatinous springboard to progress further into the stage.

These changes are also shown to assist our two-tailed hero, as he is able to use the jelly-based chemicals to climb up walls and to travel vertically farther into the stage while being surrounded by a yellow and red helix pattern.

Finally, the zone seems to have tubing that allows the player to pick which direction and track they face, as there are some directional intersections presented further in.

Once Tails makes it past this section, the player gets to don the role of chemist, as they use a syringe to change the color of one of the pools of chemicals, making the material increase Tail’s vertical bounce.

Overall, this revamp on the classic stage has got me pumped for the game just a little more. Chemical Plant Zone always held a special place in my heart because of the atmosphere, kickass music, and the sheer contrast the zone had with the first level of Sonic 2. By changing the pitfalls of the zone, working a remixed beat of the original theme’s motif, and allowing players a choice in which track they take, the level looks to be one I’ll love all over again.

Check out the video posted down below and be sure to stop by our forums to discuss your thoughts and feelings on Sonic Mania, coming out August 15th!