Pokken on Switch, Sun and Moon Sequels

One thing that GameFreak/Nintendo does that a lot of their competitors don’t do is hold very small press releases called Pokemon Directs. In these short presentations, Nintendo and GameFreak explain the newest news and titles coming from the Pokemon powerhouse.

Yesterday, we we’re fortunate to find out the newest titles coming to Nintendo systems this year and especially ahead of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Pokken Tournament, the fighting-style game that was released on the Wii-U, will be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch, adding a few characters that were not standard fighters before on the title, such as Sun/Moon’s Decidueye. The title is scheduled to be released on September 22nd.

Likewise, we will also be receiving a pair of sequels to follow up from 2016’s Pokemon Sun and Moon, titled Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon. The games synopsis is still short on information but fans are to expect new features and a different story than the previous scenario they’ve played before. The title is expected to release on November 17th.

To keep with the trend of retro-releasing, Nintendo is also releasing a Virtual Console version of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver with similar functionality that can transfer monsters caught in the title to be sent to (Ultra)Sun/(Ultra)Moon through the Pokemon Bank service. These games are suppose to release the same day as Pokken Tournament on September 22nd.

What is interesting to me, as an avid Pokemon fan, is the seclusion of Crystal from the Virtual Console releases. When Sun and Moon were revealed, it was also herald in by the release of Red, Blue, and Yellow on the Virtual Console. While the game is fundamentally the same as it’s sister titles, it does contain animations for Pokemon when they first appear in battle. All three of the titles are Game Boy Color titles, so it seems just a little disappointing to not give it the proper love it deserves.

Give Suicune some love man!!!

Secondly, I find it even more interesting that we are getting a double pair of sequels, similar to Black 2 and White 2. Those titles changed the story around and added some newer features to make the games feel fresh, so hopefully GameFreak can capture lightning in a bottle twice.

Finally, I find it a little frustrating that Nintendo isn’t bringing a proper Pokemon title to the Switch, especially considering that Pokken is a great game, but it’s another port. As a Switch owner, I didn’t purchase Pokken on Wii-U, so I find it very unlikely that I will purchase the game this time around. I’m not necessarily asking for UltraSun/Moon to be on the Switch but the system is certainly ready for it.

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