Could the Sonic Comics be Cancelled?

If you’re not aware we’ve been carefully following a developing story regarding the sudden halt of Sonic comic sales from Archie Comics due to an unrenewed licensing contract which was first reported during December of last year, as fans also began to notice Sonic comics not present on the shelves in comic stores for quite some time. It was rumored SEGA had sent Archie Comics an alleged cease and desist letter in order for the sales and publishing of Sonic comics to stop until their License gets renewed.

Free Comic Book Day which was going to feature Sonic Mega OverDrive was removed from the listing and then announced a few months later seems to have been cancelled entirely and was replaced with Archie’s new comic series, Riverdale, to also hope to boost hype for the TV series on Netflix, and also removed several Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe listings for April and May 2017 from their site all together

Earlier this month we along with TSSZ News reported that SEGA and Archie Comics were currently “In Talks” to hopefully fix up the licensing woes.

In a new article by the TSSZ they have just been told by people at Archie Comics Representative that Sonic the Hedgehog #291 has been cancelled and also said an email is going out to all Sonic comic subscribers at the end of April with updates regarding the whole situation and what is going on with the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe updates.

This all sounds very grim, especially for someone like me who’s been collecting the Sonic comics since the late 90’s and still has to this day. It looks like Archie’s talks with SEGA may not have been successful but this is currently unknown and all speculation. However with news like this, we’ll have to just wait and see at the end of April when Archie sends the public subscribers its email of the news, whether it’s good or bad.

What do you think about the threat of Sonic Comics being cancelled or the whole Archie Comics and SEGA licensing issues? Do you miss the Sonic comics? Let us know in the comments!