Sonic Comics Release Delay (April 2017 Update)

Earlier in the year we reported from reliable sources the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics’ publishing license with SEGA expired due to an unrenewed contract. It was rumored SEGA had sent Archie a cease and desist letter to stop publishing Sonic comics until further notice under the SEGA brand name until their contract is renewed.

So far no new Sonic comics have hit the shelves and it seems now the new Sonic comic releases planned for April 2017 may not happen and will also be delayed even further through May according to a recent late March article by TSSZ News.

Reporting that Tracey Yardley, a long time artist for the Sonic comics, has recently heard that SEGA and Archie are currently in talks to sort out legal issues and continue to publish newer Sonic comics under a new deal throughout the year. Also according to TSSZ News and the Archie site the original Sonic Comics for a April 2017 release have been removed as it looks like “Sonic Mega Overdrive” has been cancelled and Sonic the Hedgehog #293 has been re-solicited.

Sonic the Hedgehog comics have also been removed from Archie’s June 2017 listings which means it may be a while before we see the Sonic comics on our shelves again.

More news as the story develops. How do you feel about the legal woes and delays of the Sonic comics? Let us know in the comments!