Sonic the Hedgehog Games added to Playstation Now

Sonic the Hedgehog Games added to Playstation Now

Sony have declared that it’s “Sega & Sonic Month” on their Playstation Now subscription service as several classic and modern Sonic the Hedgehog games will be playable on the Playstation 4.

These games include Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic the Fighters, Sonic Generations, and Sonic Unleashed plus a few other exclusives. Other SEGA games including classics such as Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Shinobi, and Virtua Fighter are also releasing alongside the Sonic packs.

This is the first time these games are available on the Playstation 4.

For more information, Sony has shared a new trailer to showcase these releases:

They are also probably doing this to hype up the release of Sonic Mania, which comes out on the Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next month. Are you excited about playing these games on your PS4 ? Does this want to make you sign up for Playstation Now?  Let us know in the comments!