Sonic and Tails Build-A-Bear Plushies Now Available

Continuing Sonic’s 25th anniversary celebrations, the world’s very first Sonic and Build-A-Bear collaboration has been revealed.

Build-A-Bear’s website has listed a new Sonic the Hedgehog plush priced at $35 which is available to buy immediately. The plush looks like a really great plush, despite its proportions being slightly off. An online exclusive limited stock bundle includes the Sonic plush, a gold ring accessory, and an exclusive print by Sonic Team. In addition to the Sonic plush, there’s also a 13 inch Miles “Tails” Prower plush. You can purchase Tails online for $15. These plushies are a welcome addition to any collection.

If you already have a bear, you can purchase a Team Sonic t-shirt accessory which is compatible with other bears for $7. Furthermore, a Sonic-theme voice box is available for $7, which features the Special Stage music from Sonic 3.

So, is anyone planning on getting some merchandise from the Sonic and Build-A-Bear collaboration?