Tim Miller Working on Upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Tim Miller Working on Upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has now found its executive producer, Tim Miller, who is most famous for directing the recent hit Deadpool, from 2016.

Announced by Sony Pictures, Sonic the Hedgehog will finally be heading to the big screen in a new feature length CGI / Live Action Hybrid family movie based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Nothing is known about the plot or the cast yet but we’ll be hearing more about the movie hopefully within the next year as it’s due out sometime in 2018. The movie will be written by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller who were behind the TV Series Golan the Insatiable. Marza Animation Planet, SEGA’s animation production company, will lead the behind the scenes production while it will be produced by Marza’s Takeshi Ito and Mie Onishi. Executive producers feature Toby Ascher, Dmitri Johnson, and Dan Jevons from DJ2 Entertainment.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter